[Pics] Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你” JKS Pictures

Two new picture frames and video series of [LOTTE DUTY FREE] DREAM JOURNEY IN JEJU are available now.

Source: Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你”

tenshi_akuma’s note: If you haven’t downloaded this mobile app yet, please check [How to use] Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你”

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5 thoughts on “[Pics] Lotte Duty Free APP “明星爱为你” JKS Pictures”

  1. Dear Tenshi, thanks for sharing!
    Ours Keun Suk looks great in pastel pink and all the clothes are perfect on him.
    Thanks for this unique smile!
    We come with the other half of heart!

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