[Pic] New 10 coasters’ words of ZIKZIN CAFE&DINING

January 12, 2014 in Photos by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

From right top to down… All were written by JKS. Most of them were written in English : ) Yay!

1. We can get together somewhere in the future if fate allows..
인연이라면 언젠가, 어디선가 다시 만나겠지..

2. Life is choice!

3. All the people in the HOUSE!!

4. An end means another beginning.

5. Save me and I’ll save you.

6. Don’t think too much.

7. What is your name?

8. Life is alone.

9. Can I knock your heart?

10. For my lonely lips… kiss me…
ぐちがさびしい.. kissして…

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