[Video] Tongyi CF “ICU” Part I (Full)_20130410

Original link: http://e.weibo.com/1820399584/app_3212173676

Note: There are two parts of Tongyi Micro Movie “I C U”, this part I, Part II will be released on April 24. This is too good and I can’t wait for the second part. JKS’s voice melt my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

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27 thoughts on “[Video] Tongyi CF “ICU” Part I (Full)_20130410”

  1. thanks again for sharing.. this is really good and the two really sparks.. they should make a drama together!!! Gosh!! the voice of Sukkie is really amazing.. love love this song!!! can’t wait for part 2 too!!

  2. OMGGG…….I’m dying a little inside listening to his sweet voice. No word to describe how much I love his voice. When he sings “dream comes true”, it totally melts my heart…. honestly my heart probably stopped a beat when I first heard it. Awwwwww….how can I survive the FULL MV version….. Help!!! Help!!!! Help!!!!!

    Thanks sis Sarah for fast update.

    • How will I concentrate at work now…want to listen to it all day…and watch the beautiful vid…keep longing for a full drama

  3. Oh, I really like this. I was skeptical at first but I really like him singing this in Chinese. I love how the color of Jang Keun Suk’s clothing relates to the drink. And I adored the cameos by Jason and Gunsama! Looking forward to part 2!

  4. Awesome!
    Prince singing in Chinese!
    I just love the melody and his voice!
    This mini movie is so captivating.
    I love it. Gonna watch again!
    Can’t wait for part 2..

    • Really nice to see Gunsama and Jason in the film.
      JKS & PMY as a couple is so pleasing too!
      I see you….
      Yes, I see soooo many of you…
      But ….. my eyes are set on JKS! So dashing and charming there…melt! kkk

  5. WOW!!! Sarah thanks for the update. What a sentimental and expressive song…his voice is so gentle in this song making my heart go……aawwwwww…love it. The story is romantic too and their chemistry look good.

  6. JKS needs to get before the camera again, he absolutely shines on film, and is a natural, instinctive actor. I wish they would cast him opposite an actress with vitality and charisma …. someone you might believe he could possibly be interested in.

  7. thank you sis Sarah!!
    really JKS is so…..amazing!
    i love this song and especially because of Suk’s voice..it makes me melt..o o o…
    crazy waiting part 2…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. omg i ammmm speachless ..ps:i see this story verry similar like his mv stay ..his hearth wish found his true love ,be happy and peacefull man ….i have a good feeling see this mv ….his voice its perfect ,him its perfect ,god made the must sweet and lovely man on this world …..aaa i see gunsama and jason there ..no words really

  9. Sarah, Thanks for sharing! This is a very beautiful video. What a soulful rendition of Suk! And I miss him acting in drama. Hopefully PMY would be his next acting partner. They have such a great chemistry together.

  10. Thumbs up to Suk for a job well done! I love the song and his voice. Yup, I agree he and Min Young should be cast together in a drama.. their onscreen chemistry is obvious.

  11. Keep up the good work Sukkie!!! This is really a wonderful piece of Chinese song with your beautiful voice.. I must say you have pronounced the Chinese lyrics very well and sing with emotion.. well done and hope you continue to improve in your Chinese to launch a Chinese album ^_^ Zikzin!!!

  12. Such sweet voice with chinese! he has improved a lot! and i really really miss seeing him act, this is so so so beautiful, looking forward to the second part.

    I really love the lyrics of this song, very sweet love story!

  13. If there is part 1 there is also part 2…will there be another song???????
    maybe a whole chinese album???????
    24/4 come soon

  14. This is one of the best by JKS. Costume, voice, expression – all is flawless. And if the maxim is true that the way to a woman’s heart is through the ears, then there will be a lot of women who are captivated. The tone of his voice is just mesmerizing. I’m awaitinbg his next drama and album! Even though he sings in various languages, I will redouble my efforts to learn Korean as I want to understand what he says, at least when he speaks Korean.

    • Dena, it is true that whenever I see Sukkie’s chatting to eels in the concert DVD.. he communicated the best and more natural in those concert in Korea and Japan.. every I watched these concerts DVD without the the Eng sub, I really enjoy watching the way he interacts and communicates between songs.. the stage charisma really made him stand out and like you.. I do hope I understand Korean though I enjoy now even without the Eng sub ^_^

  15. OMG, speechless…i’m so moved hearing it, i’m about to cry though i don’t understand most of the lyrics. So sweeeeet i love you more Jang Keun Suk!

  16. my heart dropped when i first watched this microfilm…can’t stop giggling like a teenager …it is so romantic <3 he's a Prince charming and the song,geezzz perfect!

  17. I’ve been waiting for the moment when JKS and PMY work together in a drama project as a couple..i really love them both..love ICU movie..cant wait for them in a drama;)#WewantJKSandPMYonADrama

  18. Who knows, she may be the next lucky girl after Yoona to co-star with JKS. I read somewhere that she will have an acting project in the second half of this year…

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