[Video] Team H music choreography by withus

Source: http://www.withuskdc.com/

Thanks to dancers, Team H Party has become much higher : )
Anyone who’re good at dancing, please try to dance like them!

Team H (jang keun suk) – Can’t stop

Team H (jang keun suk) – liquor shot

Team H (jang kuen suk) – we live in osaka

Team H (jang keun suk) – beautiful change

Team H (jang keun suk) – party tonight

Team H (jang keun suk) – welcome to my world

Team H (jang keun suk) – shake it

Team H (jang keun suk) – feel the beat

Team H (jang keun suk) – we are

Team H (jang keun suk) – rock & roll tonight

9 thoughts on “[Video] Team H music choreography by withus”

  1. Thank you for your efforts. Only, Can’t Stop – the first video worked – the others all lost their connection. Perhaps, we could watch it on You-tube. Loved the dancing …. your head dancer is a wonderful choreographer. Look forward to seeing more of his work. Surrounding yourself with the best people is the sign of an intellignet man.
    Your American Noona in Boca Raton, Florida,

  2. I wish Team H made a video (single) for the ‘Can’t Stop’ rather than ‘What is your name’.

    This is just my humble opinion (however, I do listen to A LOT of music) but I think that ‘Can’t Stop’ has a catchier tune than other songs from this album… Except for maybe ‘Feel The Beat’.


  3. yay!!! thanks for sharing sis…aside from singing,i really love to dance too..i’ve been trying to catch their dance steps on some videos but these are perfect it’s much easier to follow :)thanks!


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