[Music] English translation of the lyrics “Rain”

January 15, 2013 in Music by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Lyrics: Cho Yong Hoon, Gang In Sung, Kanako Kato
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which reminds me of memories of tears.
Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which flows down my cheeks.

Your memories are running over one by one.
However, once I try to reach out, they vanish…
Oh in this rain, oh

Your smile, your teary face,
and your sweet voice calling my name as well…
I won’t forget them. I can’t forget them. oh

Please stop the rain,
or I will remember the warmth
when I pulled you into my arms under the umbrella.
So, please don’t cry any more.
in this rain, in this rain

Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which knows when to rain.
Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which paints the whole town.

As I walk for a few steps, my toe is getting wet.
That reaches my heart and makes me feel cold…
Oh in this rain

Even if there were nothing assured for tomorrow or the day after,
I would be happy enough if I were with you. oh

Please stop the rain.
An umbrella being left open,
I remember that back when you rushed in the rain.

If I had chased you, our future would have been different?
in this rain, in this rain

You can listen to the song from here.

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