[Music] English translation of the lyrics “Rain”

Lyrics: Cho Yong Hoon, Gang In Sung, Kanako Kato
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which reminds me of memories of tears.
Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which flows down my cheeks.

Your memories are running over one by one.
However, once I try to reach out, they vanish…
Oh in this rain, oh

Your smile, your teary face,
and your sweet voice calling my name as well…
I won’t forget them. I can’t forget them. oh

Please stop the rain,
or I will remember the warmth
when I pulled you into my arms under the umbrella.
So, please don’t cry any more.
in this rain, in this rain

Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which knows when to rain.
Oh Rain, Rain, Rain… which paints the whole town.

As I walk for a few steps, my toe is getting wet.
That reaches my heart and makes me feel cold…
Oh in this rain

Even if there were nothing assured for tomorrow or the day after,
I would be happy enough if I were with you. oh

Please stop the rain.
An umbrella being left open,
I remember that back when you rushed in the rain.

If I had chased you, our future would have been different?
in this rain, in this rain

You can listen to the song from here.

24 thoughts on “[Music] English translation of the lyrics “Rain””

  1. In response to an eel’s request, I translated the lyrics. As you know, lyrics are one of the hardest things to be translated because they usually imply that the writer wants to say, I mean they don’t describe it directly and clearly. So it’s difficult to grasp the meaning even for natives. I tried to read between the lines and interpreted by myself. I hope my translation will help your undersntadings ^^

  2. Thank you, it’s one of my favorite songs from this album (although I love all of the songs) Now, since I can understand, I can appreciate it even more.
    I’ve been listening to this album every day since it was released and I don’t have enough. He’s really amazing and his voice so soothing.

  3. Thanks Tenshi,this is my favorie song from the CD,i like the passion he put in his voice to sing it, you can feel the pain in the song like if was real story.

  4. Thanks, Tenshi. I had an inkling the song’s meaning is similar to Stay, one of longing and regret. And it was! Beautiful song nevertheless. And needless to say, so JKS. I really love the melody of this song and love it even more now that I know what it actually means. 🙂

  5. Sis Tenshi from the bottom of my heart thank you for the things you did for us because of you we always know the update’s all the things happen about JKS,and now you translate his song in English words, it’s really a big help for us to fully understand the meaning of his song and because of that I really appreciated your kindness to share all of this to us,once again THANK YOU!!! and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  6. is this song with most touching sense in cri show with the back ground raining.. I love this song and his performance very much .some more in white like an angel singing for me.I can’t express enough to thank you Sis Tenshi.

  7. ”Please stop the rain” I love the melody of this song.
    He sang very well in Kobe CR3 2015 along with Bye Bye Bye, mind blowing such a amazing voice (explore) one.

  8. Thanks you so much Tenshi, for the translation. The song seems even more beautiful when i understand it now.
    Love JKS and his voice… Hope he gets some very special like the way he is, so he no longer has to feel any pain or longing of being alone.

  9. Thx to Tenshi for the translations, I like very much JKS singing the romantic songs , his voice is so nice and touching ,Eventhough I don’t understand the meaning of the song before I can feel it with the way how JKS sings , but like you said Angel I do feel a little bit of loneliness in our Prince singing and songs. Hope he will find his Princess soon!❤️❤️❤️Bye eels and have a good day

  10. At last i know the lyrics thank you. Jks voice affects me so much .he always makes me feel emotional for him. Hes so beautiful yet so sad. I just want him to find happiness in love.beautiful words jks.. i dont go a day without hearing you sing.


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