[article] JKS 20th debut anniversary ad appeared again in IHT

Source: Nate
Credits: tvdaily
Korean-Chinese translation: 绿小茶和坑子拉勾勾一辈子爱你
English translation: Wen Lee

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk 20th debut anniversary advertisement again appeared in the International Herald Tribune.

Following the 20th anniversary celebration advertisement in the IHT on 22th Dec last year, JKS’ fans once again placed an advertisement in the IHT on 12th Jan. The advertisement took a whole half page, the big picture was taken during his concert showing he was singing, following that the large words ‘Experience Jang Keun Suk’ catch ones’ eyes. Currently, Twitter timeline is hot with JKS fans sharing this pic.

JKS’ Japanese fans sponsored a bus event to celebrate his 20th anniversary showing their thankfulness for his Korean fans who donated towards the Japanese tsunami in JKS’ name. This also became a hot topic.

Referring to this pic, netizens are saying, “JKS fans’ sponsor is really international standard”, “many artists are envious of JKS!” “Having such fans, JKS is very fortunate.” “Asia is too small for him. He is now really world king!”

On the other hand, JKS’ first album released in Japan ‘Just Crazy’ was chosen by Golden Disks Award as Best 3 album in the Asia category.

7 thoughts on “[article] JKS 20th debut anniversary ad appeared again in IHT”

  1. My dear Jang is really bless by God because of his kind heart and dedicated to his work, he always did his best to make his fans be proud of him, he always show his kindness and down to earth to every one, and because of that attitude lots of people really love him, so he deserve the blessing and achievement of his life.Go my dear Jang I believe you can over come all the trials you face in every road you take, stay as you are, be strong and take a lot of care.Remember I’m always be with you no matter what

  2. He is very fortunate to have his EELS. I hope by this time those who looked down on him few years ago had come to realize that there are many people who love and recognize his talent. People who don’t believe all the bad insinuation of the media, but recognize more his efforts and his sincerity.

  3. He deserves to have GREAT fans as he is so hardworking, forward-looking, kind hearted, appreciative and sincere… these are just the main reason why many love him besides his many talents and charm ^_^


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