[Music] English translation of the lyrics “STAY”

Lyics: Jang Keun Suk / Kato Kanako
English translation: tenshi_akuma

When I picture memories in those days on water of the glass,
they will be blurred to be transparent.

Like sand slipping through my hands,
the time that is slipping by will never come back again.

There she had to stay where I will not stay.
Misunderstanding occurs even if we care for each other.
It ends up without any progress.
And you… slow slow gone
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
The seasons when you were with me
If I could have a wish come true, I would be back to those days even now.
Here here here I have to stay

When I look up at the night sky with moist eyes,
all my memories come back to me clearly.

Like snow effacing our footprints,
time has flown by and effaces all memories.

There she had to stay where I will not stay
Misunderstanding occurs even if we care for each other.
It ends up without any progress.
And you… slow slow gone
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
I still remains in the seasons when you were with me even now.
Here here here

Since some time or other (separated hands)
Since some time or other (I feel the distance between us)
I haven’t been able to touch you.
It ends up without any progress.
And you… slow slow gone
I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay
The seasons when you were with me
If I could have a wish come true, I would be back to those days even now.
Here here here I have to stay

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36 thoughts on “[Music] English translation of the lyrics “STAY””

  1. The lyrics speak for itself as the feelings are being portrayed through this songs.What i love about it is that anyone can related to it.A long lost love that seems hard to forget and yet we are forced to move despite how much we want to stay.The past, the present and the future is here to stay.Love the song even more.Thanks for the effort of translating it !

  2. Translating lyrics into other languages is one of the hardest tasks. But I hope this translation will help international eels understand the MV more and more and get more than 500,000 viewings!

      • Suzanne, this song was originally written by Sukkie, but after that Japanese songwriter must have edited it. If we have to change the lyrics that we can sing in English, we should choose words more carefully. This time, please enjoy the outline 😉

    • I really want to say thank you tenshi 🙂 for translating all of our Prince twitter and the others..specially this song .it makes my eyes teary when i first heared this song and now i know what sukkie was singing about it really brakes my heart 🙁
      Thank you so much!!!!!!

  3. you’re really great tenshi…because of you eels all over the world is united…thanks so much…please keep it up we are relying on you 🙂 i really love the song!

  4. Thanks soo much Tenshi !!! I love this song & after understanding the lyrics I love it more & more….. Eels will Stay by him no matter what!!

  5. Knowing that he wrote the lyrics and acted out the mv makes it so personal and extra special… if it was based on his real love experience, making this song must have been bitter-sweet. I hope he will meet his special someone and be able to create a beautiful future together and stay with each other like his parents … <3 this kid

  6. Thanks, your translation is much better than the other one – it all makes sense. Thank you once again.
    I’m sure it’s about his last girlfriend. I wonder if she feels the same as him. Wouldn’t that be nice if they got back together…?

  7. THANKS A MILLION, Tenshi, for sharing your translation!! I love this song! Even before what it said like Suzanne said. Now, after reading the lyrics and pondering on it’s possible roots, I love it even more because they speak tons about Sukkie’s feelings. As a songwriter and lyricist he is my idol as well! He did a superb job expressing his feelings!!!

    MESSAGE TO ALL THE EELS no matter where in the world you live, please help Sukkie’s wish come true and let’s get this video to have over 500,000 views ASAP (as soon as possible).

    If you open the video in several different browsers at the same time (don’t forget to click on the mute button so you don’t go crazy listening to this song play with 10 different echoes!! lol!)

    After they are done playing in each browser, do not refresh. Instead, go to your history (if you have a YOUTUBE account) and click the same video from your account history. If not, close the current browser and open the video again. Repeat this process as many times as you possibly can so that the number of views increase.

    I now most of us might not be crazy teenagers anymore to be going video crazy but, let’s become crazy once more for Sukkie and make this happen.

    I hear that Chinese EELS don’t have access to YOUTUBE – I’m not really sure about this but I’m sure some of you can verify this info – if this is true, we are on our own out here in THE VALLEY OF INTERNATIONAL EELS!!! ^__^ Let’s show Sukkie that he has eels all over the world and not just in China!!!

    Who knows? He might be testing the waters with this petition of his in order to see if it’s worth planning a World Tour or maybe twit in English, or maybe do an ALL ENGLISH album, etc…

    LET’S DO IT EELS!!!! Let’s get those 500,000 views in!!!!!

    Like Sukkie says….ZIKZIN!!!!!

    P.S. With Tenshi’s awesome translation of the lyrics, we can re-post this video on our FaceBook accounts and ask all our friends (who I’m guessing are mostly non-eels) to watch the video.


  8. Agreed.The fact that he wrote this song himself, makes me feel even closer to him as i listen to it.Moreover , if it’s from his past experience, i am more than privileged as an eel to have share his story, even if it’s a sad one…

  9. wow! now i understand well this song, i hope that the release of this song would help Prince Jang totally overcome it. Again Thank you so much Tenshi for your great effort in helping us understand this song through your translation. the song is good. But why do we need to have half a million viewers for it?

  10. I love the song even more now that I understand what it means and I’m waiting for the lyrics of RAIN,I also love that song’my favorite actually!!

    I knew it’ behind your smile and naughty acts’ you still have ur mysterious side!! My foreve wish, is for you to find genuine happiness and inner peace!!!

  11. I loved this song from the very beginning and I kinda had an idea what it says from the few English lines in it. But now that I understand it much better, I feel for him. He poured his heart out in this song and it shows another side of him that is very vulnerable and hurting. Whatever it is that he had with this girl, I hope he finds it again. I look forward to that day when he will truly be happy with someone very special in his life.

    Just a thought, could she be the one who recently got married? He mentioned in one interview that he received an email from an ex-girlfriend telling him that she just got married. That must have hurt a lot if that was her. I think I saw pain in his eyes for a very brief moment there, though he was smiling when he said it.

  12. Thank you, Tenshi! Always appreciate your efforts in translating asap for international eels. Well I’m one crazy senior who visits this site everyday and has been listening to “Stay”. Will be listening even more now from all available sites to bring up to 500,000. Thanks again, i can enjoy listening to this song with overflowing feelings because of your translations. God Bless.

  13. suk surely know how to express his true self..that side of him always keep me wondering what kind of person is him even he’s kind of sincere person (like a kid).u know..he like to say what he want to say..do what he wanna do..no hesitation and full of confidence. he’s kind of mystery for me which make me wanna know him more..dont u think so? im sorry if my post make everyone confuse coz its quite hard for me to explain his personality. but if i have to make it in simple word..he’s unique!!

    well..about the stay mv.he dont need to ask for 500,000 viewers.let’s make it a million!!Jyo!

  14. Thanks Tenshi! Much clearer version….
    I have a question, one of the sentence mentioned “I just wanna stay, yes I have to stay”, is that means if given a chance to turn back, he will choose to stay or it means that he cannot be with her and must stay due to his status?

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kaori chan for translating this song. Finally, I can understand the meaning of the song. Oh…sooo sad and broken bitter sweet song. I feel like crying thinking about his untimely love life…so close yet so far beyond reach!!!

    I wish with all my heart that Sukkie will meet his special girl who will love him unconditionally, cherish him, understand him, be patient with him, stay by him, support him and fly with him to the world!!!!

  16. i think… since im a sukkiehye/geunshin fan… the girl in the video looks like GO MI NAM… he needs to stay away from shin hye for their career…like the song goes like this THERE SHE WILL HAVE TO STAY, WHERE I WILL NOT STAY.. shin hye needs to protect her career that’s why she continued to deny the rumors about them, while geun suk never answered it directly because he is known for his honesty and he doesn’t want to lie.

  17. The song is indeed a sad song. Yeah, like what sukasukkie said, there must be the other side of him. He always happy, cheerful with smiling face but there must be secrets in our life. He’s a good person. He only wants his eels to remember cheerful & happy Sukkie. Whenever his eels feel down, they will smile watching him. He just wants to make other people happy. I watched a documentary about him on YouTube. He said he never had a great school days as he ws busy building up his career. He is hardworking and put his eels before he himself. I’m wishing all the best to Sukkie….in life, love & career. 🙂

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