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Busan Lotte Hotel JKS – As soon as entering the first floor, you can see.
부산 롯데호텔 장근석 11111 – 1층에 들어서자마자 보인다.

Busan Lotte Hotel JKS – Breakfast buffet 45,000 won – Delicious!
부산 롯데호텔 장근석 22222 – 아침부페 4만 5천원 – 맛있다!

Busan Lotte Hotel JKS – Lunch buffet 75,000 won – The menus are completely a lot!!
부산 롯데호텔 장근석 33333 – 점심부페 7만 5천원 – 메뉴 완젼 많아!!

Busan Lotte Hotel JKS – There is a duty-free shop at Lotte Hotel – However, I couldn’t go and see ㅠㅡㅠ
부산 롯데호텔 장근석 44444 – 롯데호텔안에 면세점도 있다. – 그러나, 못가봤다 ㅠㅡㅠ

Busan Lotte Hotel JKS – Lotte logo is clear! – But I couldn’t go either k k
부산 롯데호텔 수영장 – 롯데 글자가 선명! – 역시 못가봄ㅋㅋ

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