[Event] Use LOVERAIN board freely!

June 9, 2012 in Drama / Movies / TV by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Credits: KBS

Use LOVERAIN board freely!

If you are a fan of LoveRain, you can write on the LOVERAIN board freely!
LOVERAIN board is a Freeboard which is that love fans can upload their posts freely. You can write anything about LOVERAIN on this board! ^ ^

LOVERAIN web site> Community> LOVERAIN

[How to use LOVERAIN board]
1. Choose COMMUNITY> LOVERAIN、on the main page of this web site。
2. Click “書く(Writing)”

3. You can enter title in this field.
4. If you click this button、image insert pop-up will show.
5. You can find your image on your computer.
6. You can upload your image to the server.
7. You can insert your image in the post.
8. Save your post.
9. Cancel your post.

*Guide line for inserted images.
1)Maximum width is 680px. If you upload larger image than the maximum width,it will be resized automatically.
2)There’s no limitation in image height size.
3)Maximum data size is limited by 500KB per one image.


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