[09.06.2012] JKS Weibo

Jang Keun Suk’s words!!! It may not be the best but never have I not put in full effort before!! JKS’ concert brand cri show 2!! I have confidence!!
장근석 가라사대!!! 최고였던 적은 없지만 최선을 다 하지 않았던 적은 없다!! 장근석만의 콘서트 브랜드THE CRI SHOW2!!! 자신 있습니다!!

Our Young-dduk … he really did what he said?
우리 영득이…하란다고 진짜하네?^^^^^^^
* Young-dduk is Suk’s new assistant.

6 thoughts on “[09.06.2012] JKS Weibo”

  1. So funny here as Sukkie seems to be playing the role of assistant serving instead of his assistant in at the steering wheel of the Ferrari…. is this recent photo or last year during YMP filming as his hair looks similar to that time?

  2. Is that his new car, a Farrai? so how many cars he has so far? Porsche Louis, Rover Lander Kan, an Audi R8, don;t know the name and this Farrai?


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