[fan-cam 3] CHIMIRO Last in Seoul_20230729

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[2023-07-29] CRAFT_42_official Twitter

CHIMIRO Last in Seoul
Please refrain from uploading unreleased songs during the performance to social media.
If you are caught uploading on SNS, you may be disqualified from the CriJ membership and be penalized for the event.

CHIMIRO Last in Seoul
공연 중 나온 미발매곡은 SNS 업로드를 삼가주시기 바랍니다.
SNS 업로드 적발 시 크리제이 회원 자격 박탈 및 이벤트에 불이익을 당할 수 있습니다.

[News] Jang Keun Suk’s new single ‘Shock’ will be released on September 27, 2023

UPDATED: added cover photos, the tile of songs, and special gift with serial code application (August 11, 2023)

Original source: KOARI net
Recently Jang Keun Suk has been very active in the music scene. For example he suddenly started a trio band CHIMIRO activities and held a live house and billboard tour in 8 cities in Japan, and he just finished 2-day outdoor concerts in Osaka as TEAM H. And finally it was announced that JKS will release his new solo single ‘Shock’ for the first time in about a year since his previous single ‘Beautiful’ released in August 2022.

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