[News] TEAM H “TODAY -ONE DAY ONLY-” stage will be available on Amazon Prime Video

Original source: https://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/notice/media/221128/

As we previously posted here, JANG KEUN SUK & TEAM H “TODAY -ONE DAY ONLY-” DVD and PHOTO BOOK SET will be released on March 29th, 2023. According to the official announcement, the digest stage of TEAM H -NIGHT- performance is released as DVD, not the full state. Many eels have asked Japan JKS fan club to release the whole stage since the news was announced. We haven’t received their final answer, but it seems we can see TEAM H stage on Amazon Prime Video. We’re not sure if it’s only available in Japan…. We hope you can watch and enjoy it, too.

EP1: TEAM H Night stage (90 mins) / EP2: JANG KEUN SUK Day stage (40 mins, Prime Video special edition)
It’ll be available from December 28 (Wed) 12:00.

[flash news] 2023 Jang Keun Suk fan meeting in Seoul ~Beautiful Memories~ to be held in January

UPDATED: The FM was put off due to conditions of the organizer with no new date set.

Original source: https://entame.knt.co.jp/tour/2023/01/jangkeunsuk/
Jang Keun Suk fan meeting in Seoul ~Beautiful Memories~ will be held in January, 2023. This fan meeting was originally planned to be held in September, 2022 as his birthday celebration event, but due to COVID-19 conditions, visa waiver program for Japanese travelers didn’t work then, and it was postponed.

[2022-11-16] CRI-J Twitter

[2022 the10th #Jang Keun Suk Birthday Sharing Photo Exhibition]

This is the behind-the-scenes and Q&A video of 2022 Photo Exhibition that has nothing to say even if you forget it 😭
Although it was delayed, it was generously captured Actor Jang’s appearance 💕

Memories on that day have moved us constantly!
Thinking back to them once again, let’s Go to the Actor Jang’s video !

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[2022-11-16] CRAFT_42_official Twitter

[Notice about CRIJ 14th recruitment]
We will inform you about the CRIJ 14th recruitment as soon as possible. If you want to join, please sign up after checking the detailed notice. Please understand that the membership fee will be refunded to those who have already signed up for 14th membership on the website.

[크리제이 14기 모집에 관한 안내]
크리제이 14기 모집에 관해 빠른 시일 내에 안내드리도록 하겠습니다. 가입을 원하시는 분들은 자세한 공지 사항을 확인 후 가입해 주실 수 있도록 부탁드리겠습니다. 현재 홈페이지상에서 가입을 진행하신 분들은 환불 처리되오니 이 점 양해 부탁드립니다.