[UPDATE] JKS appeared on Verbal Jint’s MV

*UPDATE: Full version was released

Today Verbal Jint’s new single 감사감사 (thank you) was released. And the MV was also released. So I replaced the teaser to full MV. You can find many Sukkie after 1:30. In this MV, there are many scenes shot in Tokyo Dome. You also glimpse Sukkie’s visit at Verbal Jint’s live.

[03.12.2011] CRI SHOW at Tokyo Dome interview (English subs)

Credits: Sukbar
English subs: Aphrael77

Click here for Mediafire download.

Aphrael77: I know I’m a bad eel, cos I can’t help but laugh at JKS’ words or actions. When required to answer a question with Yes or No ( O or X ), his answer is so out of the box. He answered with a … (see video for answer) … LOL. His answer must be the first in history!!

[News] JKS plans a different production at Tokyo Dome

Credits as tagged

JKS succeeded to be sold out his additional tickets of arena tour in Japan held at Tokyo Dome on Nov. 26, 2011. The number is about 50,000! That means he succeeded to sell about 100,000 tickets for his fan meeting held during two months. It’s so amazing!!!! Unfortunately I can’t go there, but my mom will attend it instead of me. She is also his eel now 🙂

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Lotte provides special packages printed JKS’ face

Credits: LOTTE Co., Ltd.

Lotte Co., Ltd announced that they would sell special packages printed JKS’ face on Nov. 22, 2011. One is for fruits flavored gum “Frutio” bottles and the other is for bundled packages of “Charlotte-i”. Especially the bundled packages of “Charlotte-i”, various version will be released. For example, there is a bundle package of three “Charlotte-i” with one JKS postcard, which is selected from 12 types at random. Others are special boxes printed JKS, which includes 6 or 10 “Charlotte-i”. You can see their pictures from the link below.
Japanese women must get weigh easily in proportion to their love to JKS! 😉 Being fat is happy or not? :p

For another pic,

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[NEWS] The toppest dollar was paid to obtain the broadcast right of “Love Rain” in Japan

PONY CANYON INC. is well-known for eels as the company produced Sukkie’s singer debut in Japan. Today it is announced that PONY CANYON has obtained the broadcast right of “Love Rain” in Japan and they have paid the toppest dollar for it since Korean dramas started to be broadcast in Japan. The airdate hasn’t been decided yet.

For more pics,

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