2 thoughts on “[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012”

  1. Oh.. Soe Jun has a scar TT and his lips are injured too… I can’t imagine what will happen after they all know their Parent-Parent’s Love and Son-Daughter’s Love…???
    As for me .. Soe Jun is the one who got hurts most…

    • I agree with you. Joon will suffer the most because he has the most painful childhood compared to Ha Na. He seems so vulnerable despite the the cold facade he had shown to cover-up all the pains of his parents issues. But I hope the writers would maintain the funny aspects of the love story of the kids, since they have established it from the start. I know the funny side of the kids’ love story give balance to the sentimental love angle of the parents…and this is what many of the followers of this drama is expecting in every episode since EP 5.


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