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English translation: sa_sha26

@ treeJ_company

Busy Actor Jang who rushed to the venue after drama filming. Thanks eels for gave really awesome cheers since morning.
드라마촬영중에, 바쁘게 달려온 장배우입니다.아침부터 수고해주신 장어분들의 뜨거운 응원, 정말 감사드립니다.

@ minzzangde

Prince is as cool as usual today! His schedule was so tight that he changed clothes after arriving at the venue ㅠ
오늘도 프린스는 멋있습니다! 시상식장와서 의상도 갈아입었을만큼, 촉박했습니다 ㅠ

Actor Jang is now heading to filming set. Thanks to eels’ effort for today. But for your own safety, please be careful/keep away when Actor Jang’s van is leaving, appreciate it. ㅠ
장배우는 바로 촬영장으로 갔습니다. 오늘 수고해주신 장어분들 감사드려요. 그런데, 장배우 출발시에 안전을 위해서 벤에서 조금은 떨어져주시면 감사할께요ㅠ

Eels who were cheering and shouting like crazy, you guys are awesome!! Jang Keun Suk’s power/strength comes from his eels!!!
근데, 예전부터 좀 그랬지만 남자엠씨분 사회는 좀 그렇다 ㅡㅡ 미친듯 소리를 지르며, 장근석을 외친 장어들 짱!! 장근석을 날게하는 힘은 역시 장어들임!!!

Actor Jang who is enjoying the red carpet with the actor/actress that he knows… Today at the award ceremony, who would know you would be wearing a cotton t-shirt… ㅠ Thanks eels for your understanding..
레드카펫을 즐길줄 아는 배우 중 한사람인, 배우 장근석… 오늘 시상식에는 면티셔츠를 입고올줄 누가 알았을까요…ㅠ 그런 상황을 이해해주시는 장어분들께도 감사드려요…

Jang Keun Suk, congratulations on the award, this profile is awesome(?)!!! He’s the guy who took the baeksang award 2 consecutive years.
장근석, 수상을 축하합니다! 다음 프로필에 뙇!!! 백상을 2년마다 먹어버리는 남자!


Our actor is the best!
우리 배우 최고!

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  1. Wowww…no matter what he wears, still handsome prince. Congratulations!!! Never give up my prince. Gogogogo..do your best!!


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