[11.03.2012] JKS demonstrates retro style airport fashion

Summary by: neineilove
Source: Korean media

After 13 days of filming in Hokkaido, Jang Keun Suk returned to Korea on 11 March 2012 at 5 pm. Today, his fashion style goes back to the retro 1970s – gray jacket, black pants combined with his special love for leopard-print sunglasses. At the airport, JKS accepted flowers from fans, smiled throughout and waved to fans.

4 thoughts on “[11.03.2012] JKS demonstrates retro style airport fashion”

  1. Nice to see him looking good and cheerful after a hectic filming schedule in Hokkaido. Looking forward to updates and pics of Love Rain filming in Korea. I heard it is spring now in Korea and the cherry blossoms are going to bloom soon on Jeju … hopefully, they will film LR on that island ^^

  2. Oh my heart…I love Sukkie’s style today. I love everything on him…from his shades to ears-pieces…lol. Most of all, Sukkie looks fresh and healthy.


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