JKS message for earthquake victims in Fukushima

UPDATE: Translation of article “Don’t Give Up Japan” Jang Keun Suk Once Again Touched Japanese Fans’ Hearts.
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I would like to share this article with you as I think is a very touching one that to show the special bonds Jang Keun Suk has with his Japanese Fans. Since it was for the same topic as Tenshi Akuma posted early and also her personal blog with her experience in the earthquake was the facts that proved this article and make is more meaningful. So I added here. -SukkiefanNCUSA

“Don’t Give Up Japan” Once Again Jang Keun Suk Touched Japanese Fans Heart

Mar 11 was the 1 year anniversary for the most serious 9.0 degree earth quake in Japanese history. The Japanese government and people are still doing the recovery work. The effects from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant incidents are still there.

Last year at this time, people from all over the world provided helps to Japan. In those people there also includes Japanese and overseas stars who gave supports and donations.

As a new Hallyu star who is gradually growing popularity in Japan, Jang Keun Suk also involved this kind of events. At that time, he was in Europe shooting his new photobook and movie, with the message “Don’t Give Up Japan” as a start, on March 14 he donated 10 million yen (120,000 USD) to Japanese Red Cross, also with 5000 blanket with encouraging message “Don’t Give Up Hope, Japan” on them.

And, during his arena shows, he set the donation box instead of receiving gifts from fans. The money donated from that was about 180 million KRW (160,000 USD), this money will be all used for the children who lost their parents during the earthquake. All these deeds were deeply touched Japanese fans’ heart.

The new KBS drama “Love Rain” which will be aired on March 26 finished site shooting at Hokkaido Japan on March 11, Jang Keun Suk followed by fans when he came back to Korea, but his face looked serious, because it was March 11, he left airport quietly.

In Hokkaido, they have worked for 13 days in the severe cold weather -15C degree. Jang Keun Suk was really tired, but even in that condition, he was still thinking of his fans, when the car stopped at the traffic light, he opened his window, put his head out and waved to the fans.

After he went back to Korea, his Japanese eels (his fans called eels) posted lots of moving comments on twitter. Jang Keun Suk also wrote a long message on his Japanese Official Website as soon as he came back home. The following is part of it:

“One year ago, when I was shooting Budapest Diary, I woke up in the morning and learnt about the earthquake from TV news. I was thinking was this for real? Only a few days ago, I was in Ibaraki, my memories kept flashing back, I felt a pain in my chest. Now after a year, coincidentally I came back to the same land and be with you. That day a year ago, was not a desperate day, it was a day full of hope. For those who are still working hard on the recovery from the disaster I want to express all my sincere respect to them.”

Recently the attacks from Japanese right wing to Kim Tae Hee are still going on. There are Hallyu Stars that have universal love and would like to share the pain with normal Japanese people, Jang Keun Suk is one of them.

UPDATE: Mediafire link for downloading the hard-sub vid
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English subs: tenshi_akuma

This is the video message Jang Keun Suk gave out for the 1 year anniversary of earthquake in Fukushima.


Again, I’d like to express my thanks for his thoughtfulness and continuous support to victims in Japan. When the earthquake happened, Sukkie was on his shooting tour of “Budapest Diary”. But after he knew the news, he sent Japanese eels his heartfelt video message and pic below.

And soon he contributed 10 million yen and arranged 5,000 blankets donation (the tag says “Don’t lose hope, Japan!”) to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

The place I live, Tsukuba in Ibaraki is one of the disaster areas. Luckily my residence was newly developed and my condo is a seismic isolated building, so the damage was very little. But my neighborhood was damaged badly such as cracks in roads and collapse of roofs. As for me, I was at office when the earthquake happened. My office is located in the center of Tokyo. It’s quite far from my home, so I couldn’t return home after two days of the disaster. Our company requested employees not to go to office for a week. I worked at home without heating… checking TV and radio all day long.

Tomorrow is the very day the earthquake happened a year ago. At 14:46 on March 11, 2011. It was just a week later Sukkie held press conference of “You’re My Pet” at Ibaraki airport. Because of the earthquake, YMP wasn’t shot in Ibaraki… But it’s reasonable not to be shot here, considering the security of YMP crews.

Time flies. But I won’t forget this experience and love and support given by others. We really appreciate them. Honestly we still have earthquakes almost every day. But as Sukkie said in the video, we shouldn’t forget our smile. Let’s unite together for better world. Peace! 🙂

Mediafire link for downloading

14 thoughts on “JKS message for earthquake victims in Fukushima”

  1. Thanks tenshi-chan for your English sub. Firstly, I want you to know that I always love your translation and subbing works because every words you translated, you did it by heart. All sisters are so fortunate to meet someone like you (also aphrael) who have sacrificed so much of your personal precious times to translate Sukkie’s videos and articles so that all eels can understand Sukkie. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!

    I watched this video before, but after watching it again with your English sub and recap of the heartfelt stories behind the video message, I feel so touch by his kindness and greatness. I am officially crying now…. * sobs sobs*. There are so many stars in this world, but the stars care about people less fortunate than them are the brightest and most precious……and will be a hero in people’s hearts forever. Sukkie makes my life fill with smile and happy moments and my heart crying with overwhelming joys…..SO PROUD TO BE HIS EEL. This is one of the reasons why I love Sukkie so much.

    • Kailey, thanks for your comment. It’s a great encouragement to me. I can’t translate words technically. I just try to translate them with my heart as an eel.
      Reading your comment of him, I realized again how superb he is to me, to us, to people living in the world, on the earth, in the universe! 🙂

      • Kaori chan..Thanks for the translation ^_^ the picture of Sukkie’s holding the flash card with “Don’t give up Japan!” has imprinted in my mind for the past 1 year and I believe it has also touched many who have seen this…it gives hope & smiles really and I’m glad Japan has overcome the initial tough period and is on the way to recovery… and I’m thankful always to have you here to share your feeling with us in good times & bad times….and Kailey, thanks for the wonderful message to convey from our heart..

  2. Kaori Chan, thanks for telling your own experiences in the disaster last year. After hearing it, it makes me feel more for the people of Japan. I guess faced with numerous natural disaster like the last one makes the Japanese people versatile towards these sort of incidents, more strong willed and yes, always having the never give up spirit. Hands up to Japan for being able to lift herself so well from such devastating disaster 1 year on ^_^

  3. Sukkie is such a thoughtful person – from his words and his actions. I only found out now from reading this article that the blankets he donated had a meaningful message on the tag. Trust him to have thought of that kind of detail. He is still so young but has such a big heart. I am proud to be his eel. Fighting Japan!

  4. Thanks Kaori Chan, not only for the translation and also for the personal experience from the earthquake and connection Sukkie has with the earthquake area people. This is something after you read it you feel whenever you face the difficulties in life, especially something out of human control, what we need the most. I love how he ended the message to remind not to forget to smile. From unfortunate we always learn to know what is fortunate we have and keep going on.

    Thank you.

  5. Kaori-chan, thank you for sharing with us your own personal background of the time when it happened last year. The disaster had a special impact to me cos by then I had personal friends in Japan and we were so worried for their safety.

    What moved me so much from the incident was how wonderful the Japanese handled themselves in the face of such an ordeal. You were all so calm and brave and dignified. I would like to salute the people of Japan for showing the world that you can rise above any hardship if you stand together in these difficult times and give each other help & support. Frankly I find it difficult to find the words how to convey exactly what’s in my heart…. Words seem to escape me…. but I hope these few sentences reflect a gist of what I really wanted to say….

  6. thank you Kaori-chan for the translation as well as sharing your personal experiences of the unfortunate disaster last year today.

    Similar to Farina, that disaster shook me badly, as Japan has a very special place in my heart – it was the place i went for my university graduation trip (Tokyo+Hakone); it was also the fist holiday destination i went after getting my first pay check (Tokyo+Osaka+Kyoto); it is also the first destination where i experience winter (Hokkaido); one of my best girlfriend found her love and married a Japanese man, and she is now residing in Tokyo; not forgetting my various business trips that i had been blessed with, and the many friends (current and ex colleagues) i made along the way….and now you, Kaori, my current only special eel friend in Japan ^^

    I admire the “never give up” spirit of your nation, the inner strength of the people of Japan, not forgetting the bravery and the sacrificial hearts of those who worked hard at the Fukushima power plant, and the many many unsung heroes who had, and are still working in the disaster zones to rebuild this beautiful country, where you called home…..i truly salute you….and will continue to keep all in my prayers.

  7. thanks for translating this meaningful video, kaori – chan. I believe that geun – chan and his blue eels have a very special bond, I can see it when he’s talking about of facing his blue eels. Thanks to blue eels, that geun – chan has become a phenomena now. Hopefully all the tsunami victims and their relatives stay strong and never forget to smile. God bless all of us 🙂

  8. I’m very grateful for your encouragement.
    I wanna share his encouraging songs here.

    We can make it

    Dreams, Giving Them Wings

    守護星(syugo-sei) *uploaded on our secret channel

    Love unites us all together. Peace! 🙂

  9. Thanks sis Sarah for adding this touching story. Every time I read Sukkie’s heartfelt messages, my eyes fills misty with tears and my heart fills with overwhelming love for him. I am soo proud of him…. also proud to be one of his lucky eels, truly being his eel is an honor, for Sukkie is a honor man with sincere and generous heart. Sukkie is more than a STAR for me. He is my inspiration and my motivation to be better person. I love he shows love to his family, friends, and fans with actions, be it in small or big way, it’s all meaningful and touched hearts. (I used to feel very offensive when other people (non-eels) think Sukkie is arrogant, self-centered, and empty gesture person}. Now I do not care what people said anymore; only feel pity for those people who are losing out not knowing this wonderful person). Sukkie’s actions speak by itself how honorable a human being he is. True, Sukkie is far from being perfect, that just make him more real and human. I love him the ways he is.

  10. yes indeed…jang geun suk is one Hallyu star with a big and generous heart…he is quick to offer help and encouragement to his eels, even if he really does not need to…like what happened in the aftermath of the Japan earthquake, i read that he wanted so much to visit the victims but refrained from doing so because it may cause chaos among eels…in the philippines, he donated to the victims of typhoon Yolanda, even though he hasn’t even been doing business here…how many stars have donated their own money —earned through their own sweat? our prince gives lots of donations…no matter what others say, he is truly one with a golden heart…this is one of the reasons we eels are so proud of him…and will love him forever…

  11. I think JKS is a fine person ,committed heart and soul to his eels always.Doing plenty of charity for the benefit of the needy .Love him ,for all he has done for Japan Tsunami disaster that has been happening years n years there.Even the small banner he showed for Japan was from his heart.So young at that time but none other who is so committed to his eels n supporting Japan. Thank you JKS for being who you are,not just in looks but a beauty in and out.Love you.


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