[News] KBS temporary “Love Rain” site opened

UPDATE: this site isn’t the official site, temporary one
UPDATE: translation
Credits: KBS

KBS2 will start broadcasting “Love Rain” at 21:55 on March 26. And the official site finally opened. Unfortunately the contents are all Korean, so I can’t figure out the original fully. But the content looks nice, so I tried to share them somehow…
KBS “Love Rain” official site


Love has two faces, happiness and sadness. 
Happiness and sadness… contrasting factors exist as unity only in love. 
It’s a miracle.
—  Saint-Exupéry “Landscape with love” —


Love is as beautiful as dazzle.
Love is as sad as heartbreaker.
You may shed tears while you’re so happy.
You may find happiness while you’re sad.

Love is similar to rain.
Rain falls equally when you’re happy or sad.
On rainy days, you feel happy in the warmth of being together.
On rainy days, tears fill your eyes to recall when you were lonely.
When it rains, the memories of love, happiness and sadness, are awaken in you.

In this drama, we’re trying to use “rain” to describe “love” which has similar properties.

Beyond generations, both in 1970s and in 2012…
There is a loved one.
There is rain equally.
There is love with happiness and sadness has just started.
There is love in past.
There is love in present.
We’re trying to describe love as the combination of them.


Living in the bustle of everyday life,
Walking bustling areas from work without break,
Why don’t you imagine a leisure of life?

For example…
Why don’t you close your eyes even for a second?
Why don’t you listen to the sound of rain outside of windows?
Why don’t you take a deep breath?

We hope this drama will be…
like a girl at a flower shop who waters beautiful flowers.
like a man at a record shop who plays sweet music in a rainy afternoon.
like an old lady at a friendly eatery who serves the tired to soup late at night.

We hope this drama will be a rest which warms our life.

We try to show you this drama as a beautiful love story…
like a blessed rain in reality.
like emotional catharsis.
like healing the warmth of people’s hearts.

Even though times change,
Even though generations change,
Even though people change,
Love still fascinates us.
Love still shivers our hearts.
Love still embarrasses and touches our hearts.

We try to produce classic and emotional love story blended with trendy sensitivity.
We try to produce the loved drama, not consumed one.


As long as there are people who love and whom you love in the world,
we believe our drama will be a beautiful and warm one.


Love at first sight

Suddenly, my heart began to beat like crazy

I’ve missed her several times a day

I had fallen in love before I knew it

29 thoughts on “[News] KBS temporary “Love Rain” site opened”

  1. OMG!!!!! just reading this .. my heart beating fast!!!! omg!!!!! can’t wait to meet in ha .. March 26 please come faster!!!!

  2. Love “Love Rain” definitely my cup of tea, can’t wait can’t wait, otteke and also when it’s air I will have to depends on someone’s blog for the caption of the current episode, will it be here? Kaori Chan or Ivy?

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. As JKS’s eels, we are very lucky and blessed to get to see him everyday. I am really so happy and excited !! Thanks, Tenshi akuma. You are doing good deeds and I am sure our Almighty God will bless you abundantly, good health, long life and wealth. The scene and the poem is so romantic. Way to go…. just waiting to watch. Surely this new drama LR will be as good.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Tenshi. I find the translation rather touching and it makes me a bit emotional LOL … guess I’m going to be teary-eyed watching this melodrama. I can feel Sukkie’s emotions just by looking at his eyes and facial expressions in the pics. Looking forward to the drama. I think it’s going to air on KBS World after Dream High 2 perhaps in mid-April?

  5. Wow! I can’t wait to see the drama. Is there a chance for me to watch this drama online on its airing date on march 26? how I wish there is.

    Thanks tenshi for sharing this!

      • yes, i downloaded it using internet explorer..but when i try to click the “install” button something appeared i don’t understand the words only the english words “abort, retry and ignore” so i always click “retry” but nothing happens.. i couldn’t succeed to click the “finish” button.. so sad i have no smartphone right now.. poor me 🙁

      • tina_eel, the app has been already installed my PC. So I can’t check the introduction by myself, but why don’t you try to click “ignore”? I hope the situation will improve!

      • it’s just the same, nothing happens also when click “ignore” i think it’s my PC who has a problem.. anyways thanks for your concern tehshi.. 🙂

      • tina_eel, it’s possible that some problems happened because your installation hasn’t been completed. So you should delete or uninstall it completely (if the app was partly installed, you see “KBS” folder in “Program Files”). Before trying again, I recommend you first to clean your PC using clean-up software such as Glary Utilities.
        Then, download and try to install again. I hope you succeed. Good luck!

      • tina_eel, congratulations!!!! I’m really happy to hear you succeeded ^^
        We can enjoy watching it live 🙂

  6. Why do I keep on getting excited when I see the date March 26?! LOL For more than one reason this drama is special to me. This is the first drama of Sukkie’s that I am following every aspect from the beginning. I’m really excited and hoping that the drama site I use to watch drama is going to pick this one up and broadcast simultaneously. Every time I comment on FB or Twitter on one of their posts I mention Love Rain. So keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. What a lovely way to think about rain…I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it that way before. I can already tell this drama is going to make me cry. Nonetheless, I am very excited to watch it and I hope it brings Sukkie lots of success. 🙂

  8. 26mar onward all of us will be busy waiting this drama post on air!
    hope the drama will be popular and high rating. fighting! 收视第一!

    • Mindy, totally agree with you as I always find Sukkie’s still photos very different.. the picture can speak or tell a story as he is expressive.. I guess that may also be the reason why he did well in other areas besides acting as singing or dancing also requires the artiste to show his emotions in different ways..

  9. i’m so excited for “love rain”! *clapping hands*
    does anyone know if the KBS tv shows have english subtitles?
    PS – tenshi_akuma, thank you so much! i dont know what i would do without you!


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