[Pics] World Prince Shop (WPS)

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Feb. 29, 2012 was the opening day of WPS. Unfortunately we had snow in Tokyo, so the shop opened 2 hours earlier than regular opening time.

This is the entrance.

There is a spot where you can shoot with Sukkie ^^

WPS sells many new JKS products.

You can write a message to Sukkie on a small apple memo. After writing it, the shop clerk puts it on the tree (I’m not sure but it must come from Sukkie’s dream). Once a month, these message will be sent to Sukkie. Some of the luckiest eels who left messages will win a gift.

This is the exit.

7 thoughts on “[Pics] World Prince Shop (WPS)”

  1. Wow!!!! Aside from the fact that Sukkie brings closer to his fans, what made me appreciate more is how he integrates his Korean roots to other countries as what he promised when he received the Halleyu Cultural award of bringing his culture to the world. And best is also creating jobs to some people. Keep it up Sukkie!

    • Daryl, I agree with you that by having a store like that, not only it is promoting himself & his culture but also bring in lots of business around in Japan from eatery to shops selling his items..and improving the tourism industry in Japan & Korea too ^_^ In fact, I’m planning for a trip to Japan and this WPS is a must to go… need to get tips from Kaori chan & other eels for the list of Sukkie’s speciality shops & restaurants…

      • QQeyes007, Its one of the reasons I admired Sukkie a lot. He is not only talented, but at his age he has that foresight to doing a lot of things with greater impact. And he is not afraid to venture on something that even matured people or matured artists would not dare to do. His IQ and EQ are wll balanced that he really deserves those recognitions.

  2. I also admired his parents for such good upbringing on him. When I watched that Knee Guru show of how he narrated the story about his Mom would let him went by himself going to shooting locations, I could just imagined what kind of courage they have to let him experience such a thing for him to become responsible.


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