[News] Love Rain starts 2012 filming, Jung Jin-young joins acting cast

During the script-reading session on 23 March 2012 (pic above), Seo Jun (acted by JKS) and Lee Sha-na (acted by Yoona) meet for the first time in 2012 against the backdrop of filming in Japan. It’s the first collaboration between JKS, Yoona and Jung Jin-young.

With the completion the 1970s era filming, attention is now focused on the big transformation to their contemporary characters. Having acted the role of a sentimental character in the 1970s immersed in a pure, innocent love, JKS is going to act a free-spirited role set in 2012. Yoona is also acting dual roles of a shy, smiling delicate goddess of the 1970s and a cheerful, bumbling girl.

Actor Jung Jin-young acts the role of middle-aged Seo In-ho in 2012, his gentle leadership role providing a certain stability to the drama.

Source: Innolife

8 thoughts on “[News] Love Rain starts 2012 filming, Jung Jin-young joins acting cast”

  1. Ahhhh…Sukkie is teasing his eels again by covering up his new haircut with the cap. Awww..Sukkie looks so young and handsome. I also like Senior Jung as a father, I like him in Happy Life. I believe he will be great senior influence in acting for Sukkie. Yoona is pretty as always….hehehe.

  2. Senior Jung is one of the famous senior actor ….and had been directly working with Sukkie in Happy Life and Case of Itaewon.

    For sure he can carry out the role senior Seo In-ho well !!

  3. sooo excited! especially for the inclusion of Mr. Jung Jin Young in the series. They’ve been together for the third time now, so happy seeing them again in a project!

  4. So excited for Love Rain. When this drama was initially announced, I watched the 2 most famous masterpieces of the director & writers ( Winter Sonata & Autum in My Heart ) just to have a glimpse of the kind of output this tandem would offer after 6 years hiatus. Of course I also have great anticipation of Sukkie after I was so amazed of his great performaces of all his movies and dramas. I believed Sukkie is one the best of his generation… he is such an acting genius beyond his age,

  5. I just watched Happy Life last night. It was really a good movie and was good exposure to have Sukkie with those veterans. Having senior Jang in Love Rain will really be an acting blast with Sukkie. I’m waiting for this drama with so much excitement. Hopefully this will give Sukkie many acting awarrds he deserves.


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