[News] JKS’ new song to be CM song for Seoul Makkori

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Source: Japan Oricon news

Jang Keun Suk’s new song “Rain” (release date unconfirmed) has been selected as the commercial song for his Seoul Makkori rice wine CF. The new CF “Cheers” version is the 2nd round following last year’s much-discussed CF. The pure white world of the “Seoul Makkori bar” in which the bartender JKS and a lady drink a toast to each other conveys the appeal of the product.

5 thoughts on “[News] JKS’ new song to be CM song for Seoul Makkori”

  1. Really love this new song.. besides LoungeH album, really look forward to Sukkie’s own singles album, I believe this is a full singles album, not mini singles album like “Let Me Cry”.. really Great!
    Aphrael.. this is a year which we need to save even more for Sukkie’s concert/DVDs because he really is working so hard ^_^


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