[News] Dancing unit of JKS fascinated 230,000 at surprise event

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The dancing unit “Team H” formed by Hallyu star, Jang Keun Suk and sound producer, Big Brother held “2012 Lounge H, a sudden Happy New Year Party! [We Are TEAM H]” at Zepp Tokyo on Feb. 20 and 21.

They officially make inroads in Japan, bringing into their debut album “Lounge H The first impression” released on March 21. At first this event was planned for JKS Japan official fan club members, but about 50,000 people applied for only 4,000 seats.


At the event they performed “참을만큼 참았어 (I’ve had it) ~JPN ver.~” and “SHAKE IT~JPN Ver.~” which are only available in their Japanese limited album. When their popular song “GOTTA GETCHA”, famous for the interesting melody and choreography made the audience was performed, the excitement of the audience was at its peak. The 2nd live was webcast live on NICO NICO LIVE. It established a new record, about 230,000 viewers in their history.


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      • I think they are the only unique group who can made music, DJ, dance & sing and direct & stage design… including filming & editing the vid production.. I remember seeing a vid of LoungH created by Sukkie for a LoungeH event…also, the birth of this group is from their university Han Yang University when BB is a senior & Sukkie a junior… what a great combination & friendship! ^_^

      • I agree with you, QQ. But the original article said they where’s dancing unit, so I had to translate so…

  1. Kaori chan.. I believe many who are non eel fans will be surprised to see Sukkie’s performance in LoungeH, same feeling as when I first saw him on Cri-show S’pore performing on LoungeH.. it is an image of him I have never seen before on TV interview or drama.. especially when they sing & dance with emotion.. Sukkie enjoys DJ on stage & interacts with audience.. I would say Sukkie & BB have the power to bring all the audience all to a amazing night club with them in the concert hall…

  2. Good news to share with all eels as reported that LoungeH debut album”The LoungeH vol.1″ launched in greater China last year has got 2 awards, the best selling as well as the best awarded selling Korean album in HK.. also for 2011, LoungeH album got to 3rd place in a short time of release..for the year 2011 best selling album in Taiwan. Sukkie & BB & teamH, well done!!!

  3. Hmmmm…LH music is not my typical type of music….but…OMG..watching Sukkie performance LH made me on fire with happiness. Needless to say more….love love it to the max!!!!

    • Kailey, it is also same for my case as I was never a fan of rock music or other loud music.. but after singing the live performance of Sukkie in MV or live stage… I totally change & starts to appreciate rock music & also dance music.. his LIVE performance is the best & I find many times, be it ballad, rock, pop, rap or electronic music.. seeing him performing live on stage is the BEST as he is a truly an all rounded entertainer!!!

      • same here,but once in a while I do listen to rock music co’z of my male cousins’ and I must say,LH was awesome!!

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