[News] JKS made up the sweet atmosphere with his fluent Japanese



SUNTORY announced that the new TV CF of “Seoul Makkori”, “Cheers with Seoul Makkori” version was going to be broadcast throughout Japan on Feb. 22. The CF has continued to star a very popular Hallyu star, Jang Keun Suk. He appeals the semi-sparkling suaveness and the convenience because of the canned Makkori to the viewers


The setting is a white “Makkori Bar” and a bar man performed by JKS makes a toast with a woman who first drinks it, showing her the charm. His new song “RAIN” is used as the background music. It helps to enhance the sweet atmosphere.


The shooting was taken place in suburbs of Seoul, Korea this January. The set of Makkori Bar was recreated as the same as that used in the previous CF.


It’s been a year since we shot last, but he performed quite well like a real bar man who serves drinks to guests every night. When we shot the scene that he exchanged words with the woman, we felt like a gentle and sweet breeze. It’s JKS’ world.


What surprised the CF crew was his Japanese skill. He instantly understood the setting and production of acting without interpreters. Besides, he discussed how to act in detail such as stage business. Although it was marathon shooting, we succeeded to finish it smoothly not to have concentration problems.


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    • me too! i’d like to see this CF soon, eventhough he wear the same white shirt and the same white bar (kinda dejavu here), but it’s with different hairstyle, and also his new song “rain” , i wonder, in which album is that??

  1. Thanks tenshi-chan for sharing this CF picture with us. Sukkie looks so sweet handsome in this CF, and omo…omo.. I’m dying to hear Sukkie’s new song, RAIN. Wowww…. Sukkie associates with everything rain this year, Love Rain, now Rain song. Rain is a symbolic of good thing!! Hmmm… need more practices of being patient.. lol


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