[News] JKS is fruit juice ambassador in China


Together with Park Min Young, Jang Keun Suk becomes the brand ambassador for η»ŸδΈ€(Tong Yi) fruit juice in China.

————————– Translation of ad ————————–

He, as sunny and cheerful as fresh orange, combines smart looks and the air of a Prince
He, multi-talented, uses his beauty and confidence to infect everyone around him
He, is the brand ambassador of Tong Yi Fresh Orange
He, is the representative mega-star Jang Keun Suk


12 thoughts on “[News] JKS is fruit juice ambassador in China”

  1. Wow! that’s a good news!!! and i love the way they describe Suk in ad !!! πŸ™‚

    ps: Andrea! just the word “fruit juice” reminded me of ur “apple juice theory” in ECI! ….ahhh …why does my memory works well for this kind of “theories”?????????

  2. According to weibo, the photographer for this ads will be Sukkie’s favorite and our favorite, Ms. Zo Sun Hi. yay, shoot will be on Feb Feb 27 in Korea, looking forward to more Sukkie hot juicy pictures.

  3. I like it! The description of suk is precisely suitable with the product. I hope this ads will give more positive image to him…

  4. Yahhhhh….happy to see more Sukkie’s ADs in China. That means he is slow..but surely gaining his popularity in China. Hope he will conquer China too, like in Japan. Fighting Sukkie!!!!

  5. so happy for keun suk!!! after zegda, Tong Yi whoo!! and yeah, i like how keun suk was introduced by Tong Yi above, quite flattering. πŸ˜€

  6. Another endorsement, aahh Sukkie, you’re so blessed! I hope nobody will make an issue about PMY & SUKKIE endorsement! Anyhow, Sukkie you represent the title so well because you’re juicylicious!


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