22 thoughts on “[Pics] YMP Fan Meeting rehearsal @Kyosera Dome”

    • Yeah,get well soon Prince J..Hopefully you’ll get a long vacation after all your busy schedule..You deserved a rest!!

    • poor Prince… he kept feeling bad about his body discomfort & kept on apologizing during the show isn’t it?

      well, even though i may not be there, Prince shouldn’t feel bad about his constant cough as everyone knew that he’s not feeling well…

      Prince is really a perfectionist… Good attitude & always have high expectation to himself…

      Its ok, its alright..
      Come on Sukkie, fight fight fight \(^O^)/

  1. @ tenshi, this time i don’t see any video or link showing blue eels waiting and cheering for our prince at the airport. Does the antis’ rumor about him lying for his height has affected blue eels affection to him? so worry here…. this guy is tall. full stop. so those antis don’t need to bitch about it

    • Don’t worry. Japanese eels don’t care the rumor at all. Probably some eels may not know the fact at all. I heard about 300 Japanese eels were waiting there for YMP cast even in the weekday morning, but TV crew didn’t go there to shoot them (only one newspaper crew went there? I posted the pic on other thread). And eels were strictly prohibited to shoot pictures and videos. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about the rumor at all.

      To be honest, I don’t know why other eels living in other countries are so worried about such ridiculous rumors. I’m sure Sukkie himself also doesn’t care about it. Rather I found it sorry for antis that there no more space for them to criticize him like his height… Sukkie is well-known as a humpback and the difference of around five-cm-height from his official one was so flexible to put on heeled shoes. I believe Sukkie is too perfect to be complained and his splendid personality has been well-known, so I think this height rumor was the antis’ last one to criticize him… Or next time they’ll pick up if he really dislikes sweets or not (because he is the ambassador for Lotte chocolate) :p

      Please don’t take their rumors too seriously. Like me just laugh at all or ignore them completely.

      But I’m afraid the number of eels waiting at the airport is considered as his popularity. Because officially waiting for him at airports or other FM spots are prohibited by Japan official fan club. So loyal eels won’t do that because of keeping peace.

      • @ tenshi, thanks so much for your explanation. this means a lot to me. Now I can sleep well again…. LOL… Love sukkie and all of yaa….

  2. i think it is nice that now he can hold lesser fan meetings with a bigger venue, but i am not sure if he can fill the dome all the time. I heard that 27,000 fans attended this FM which is a lot, however, Kyosera Dome can have 35000-40,000 ppl if i am not wrong. I am afraid him going to Japan so often means that his fans cannot always attend all his FM and concerts and that will affect what others think about his popularity.

    Heard he cough a lot today. Hope he can get some rest after this event. I think although he looks sick, he still look very handsome.

      • dom, did you see the top of the menu in Aphrael’s blog above? (3rd item from left – Eels’ International Club). Follow the instruction there and once authorised by our President, you can join ECI ^_^ If you have any problem, just let us know…

    • Mindy, as I commented above as a reply for dom, you shouldn’t take it too seriously about the number. As aphrael commented, this show was broadcast at 52 movie theaters, one of which I joined.
      But I also thinks it’s too difficult to fill such a huge venue all the time especially because it wasn’t his FM (YMP FM was quite different from his cri show) and each interval was too short.
      I think the number might be picked up by antis, but it’s true he gathered huge audience at Kyocera Dome and other theaters. So please if you hear such news that his popularity is getting lesser, please just ignore them. But honestly I wish his boom will pass because it’s tooooo hard for us to get his ticket :p

      • Kaori chan…whenever I read your comments, I feel so relieved and smiling as you’re the one who knows best of what is happening in Japan.. in fact, I was also worried for you & many blue eels if Sukkie popularity increases fast as now you have to ballot for tickets to his FM like Arena tour/Tokyo Dome last year.. it would be even tougher in future.. but I always feel happy for you as you’re so lucky & fated to be Sukkie’s eel fan.. and Sukkie so lucky too to have you as his eel ^_^ btw…see what we have for you in ECI…

      • QQ, I still don’t know how to check FB… I’ll try to find something tomorrow. Sorry I’m going to bed now.

      • Tenshi, thanks for your comments which also make me feel so relieved. I was hoping you will post the comments on this blog since many eels frequent it daily. I’m sure a lot of eels are feeling much better and happier now. We cannot help being worried by those ridiculous rumours because we truly care for Sukkie and we don’t want antis to take him down.

  3. Hello tenshi & my fellow eels! First & foremost I greatly appreciate your effort tenshi for always updating us about our beloved sukkie. He is always a source of inspiration to all of us. Please take care of your health my sukkie. You only have one body. Please find time to relax and enjoy life. Take care. I will always pray for you.


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