[News] “Love Rain” may air in Singapore in May or June 2012

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A media distributor has bought the broadcast rights of Love Rain for a high price.
Love Rain airs in Korea on 26 March, and hopefully will be broadcast in Singapore in May or June 2012.

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  1. aphrael, really wonder if this will be shown on cable TV like Starhub or channel U (free national TV channel)… imagine YAB is shown only 2 years after on Channel U & I still can’t imagine they censored away the part which are some of the most interesting part for the drama (e.g scene which HTK caught GMN as a girl and GMN in the common bathroom with all the naked guys as “angels”).. good that I have seen YAB on DVD, if not, I would have miss so much laughters from the drama…

  2. Yeah QQ I agree that they shouldn’t hv censored those parts. It was nowhere close to some of the more disturbing scenes that they hv let pass on local tv. Compared to those, the YAB scenes are considered childish & innocent.

    However, that aside, I’m really happy that our tv stations (local or cable) are paying more attention to Sukkie and thus create more awareness among Sporeans which will also mean: MORE EELS!!!!

    • Yes.. Farina.. there are more eels now in S’pore after YAB is broadcasted and also the availability of YAB & MMM DVDs.. I notice that I have many colleagues who are eels already ^_^

  3. yes!!! im so looking forward to it! =) And i hope it opens an opportunity for him to come to our island for promotional activities for Love Rain.

  4. Ohh I can hardly wait! Hopefully, it will air on KBS World which provides quality Eng subs. Does anyone know when LR will resume shooting? I read somewhere Sukkie’s going to Japan to film some episodes.

  5. Thank you for the update, Aphrael. I hope they show LR on KBSWorld as well
    Yes, I agree with QQ, most local showings of Kdramas in PH are very disappointing. How they edit the dramas would always leave you wanting for the dvd copies.

  6. sorry out of topic..Tenshi..recently i read some news wrote about suk’s height issue after he appeared at kuwazugarai show.one of title news said that most of japanese eels are dissapointed abt that..it is true?? actually this news didnt effected to me at all, but i just want to know what japanese eels thought abt this issue..

    • Cherry, are you in ECI already as we were discussing about this topic yesterday ^_^
      Kaori chan mentioned in ECI that the 2 MCs are considered tall.. so it is obvious those are antis again to bring up this topic.. but antis may be falling into a trap already.. lol! hope to see you in ECI also!

      • Cherry, let me show this vid which is a cut from his FM 2010 Asia Tour Last in Seoul which Sukkie mentioned his height… I saw this from DVD too and that is why I always feel funny when I saw those comments from antis.. they are definitely not eels (but anti fans in disguise)… a real eel will be like you & me, we admire Sukkie for his special personality and multi-talent.. in fact, I didn’t hear any real eel talking about Sukkie’s height for their admiration for him.. that is why those are not eels now… but next time, may be ^_^

      • QQ.. thanks so much for ur explanation..^^ sorry i didnt know that u gals already discuss abt this issue on ECI yesterday 🙂
        QQ definitely im agree with u , im becoming eels bcos he’s a great actor with multi talent skill not his tall.. LOL
        im sure that all bad comment are coming frm antis who’s admitted as fans

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