OMG! I won Sukkie’s body pillow!!!! T_T

Did you remember all eels’ dreamy present, Sukkie’s body pillow?
LAWSON sales campaign: Sukkie’s body pillow

Today a big parcel arrived for me, and it was Sukkie’s full-length body pillow!!!! I still can’t believe but I was selected one of the luckiest 300 winners! 🙂
When this campaign was planned, I was in Canada. So I asked my mother to apply for it instead of me. She prayed when she mailed the application form, saying “Please God. Give it to my daughter”. I can’t thank her enough. This pillow will heal my light sleeping or not?

When I open the big parcel…, there was a vacuum storage bag.

The letter said, “You’re the winner of Sukkie’s body pillow!”
Here he is!
Closeup of the top, middle and bottom part.
It’s 190 cm long. So it’s difficult to be shot.
I’m sorry…. I hug him from behind…  (//▽//)
As if he were sitting at the table…

56 thoughts on “OMG! I won Sukkie’s body pillow!!!! T_T”

  1. Congratulations…you must be so excited! I know I would be…but I would have a hard time explaining it to my husband. haha! I think I saw you post this in the JKS app earlier in the fancafe…was that you?

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaori-chan i am SO SO SO HAPPY for you….^^ it is LONG…..190cm…i am sure you will have very sweet dreams tonight!!!!!! hix…i like the last picture too…romantic candlelight dinner with Sukkie!!! ^^

      • OMG! Tenshi CONGRATS! I’m so happy for u! I’m at work now and i’m smiling like a crazy! Lol! At the moment I don’t care what ppl around me thinking abt me!! I’m really excited only by seeing the pics, so i can imagine ur excitement over there being next to “him” for real! Oh how i envy u! U can do with “him” whatever u want! U can touch it, lie on/with it, jump on it…..!! OMG!

  3. Nyaaaa! *upbeat-nya
    you seems have a great luck with suk & his merchandise………!
    believe me, i’m so happy that you won the pillow ^^
    lol, agree…that pillow is more suitable sitting at the table with wine and JKS bread!
    if he wore pajamas and in sleeping mode, that more suitable in bedroom…..

  4. Awww I can’t help feeling excited too scrolling down the page to reveal the life-like Sukkie … and that tight hug you gave him from behind! ^^
    Congrats Tenshi, you’re such a lucky girl!

  5. Wow! You are truly blessed. I vaquely remember you mentioning something about this but not sure LOL. Congratulations!! This is better than winning lottery. Only thing better would be meeting him in person!!!!

  6. WwwwOW!!!!!! Kaori-chan!! So happy & excited for you!! 😀
    Your are so lucky! I am sure you must be extremely excited when you were opening the box and bringing Sukkie out! Hehehe!

    Now you can hug him from the back, the front, left side & right side! hehehe! How cute!
    Sukkie can now join your daily activities at home, imagining having breakfast, lunch, dinner & supper with you. Watch TV by your side, surfing the net sitting beside you. And best will be to celebrate all the big occasions like Birthday, New Year, etc with you.
    Awwww… this is sooooo fun! 😀

  7. Tenshi, that is a very cool prize! I have never had a body pillow before, so you will have to let us know if it really does help you sleep better! I think I would be too excited to sleep and too afraid to actually use pillow for I am a bit hard on bed pillows. LOL

  8. Kaori chan really a lucky eel… you deserve it too!!! ^_^ Sukkie’s full length pillow is really cute.. really like a real Sukkie around the house!!!

  9. omg, omg, I think i will scream when I get this. Congratulations to you Tenshi, what a reward! wow. Luck girl! Yay, so happy for you! They only have 300, right? You got one. That’s something.


    One good deed deserves another, Kaori-chan you totally deserve to get the Keun Suk pillow for so tirelessly contributing, translating his activities for us. CONGRATULATIONS! Keun Suk would have wanted you to have it. It looks beautiful and really good for hugging, sitting at the table, sofa, standing at the kitchen – basically everything and everywhere. Good thing your mom likes him too!

  11. Congratulation, Kaori chan. It’s so lovely. You definitely deserve this. And yes, he looks better sitting on the table, having candlelight dinner. Wow, I’m sure that starting from today onwards, you will be sleeping with a smile on your face. And there will be now nightmare anymore, ever again as Keun Suk is by your site protecting and accompanying you.

  12. Tenshi, congratulations~!!!! I was so excited and happy for you when I read this, and you took beautiful pics of the body pillow too ^^

  13. omo, u r so so so lucky… so it was u that won this pillow / bolster of Prince??
    Wow, envy u to death my dear… hahaha

    well, so Prince gonna be sleep next to you start from now…. Congrats & enjoy the every night with Prince….. ^^

  14. Kaori-chan, I AM SOOOOOO HAPPPYYYYY for you there’s just no room for envy my friend….. I suppose I can afford to be generous after having the dream that I was MARRIED to him last night!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  15. tenshi, if there is anyone most deserving of this, it shd be you. You have devote so much time and effort on Sukkie for us and I thank you for that, even though I dont comment most of time, but I never fail to visit this site.

  16. tenshi-chan, congratulations!!! we can also interpret this as a reward for your utmost contribution and sharing to us.!!! And your mom, wow, she’s so sweet and supportive, and look what you’ve got?! Aah…how does it feel hugging (*and touching..kkk) him??..

      • lol! my mom was also supportive at the start, but the more i got hooked, the more poker faced she is in this craziness. lucky, tenshi ^_^

  17. Awww… CONGRATULATIONS!! No envious at all. Tenshi-chan, you are most deserved this special gift. You are one of the best and kindness eels, along with Aphrael, your devotion and dedication in translating sukkie’s articles inspired many us eels. I’m so beyond happy for you. Please kindly hug and enjoy him for all of us eels here!!!

  18. Congratulations on winning the JKS life size pillow so jealous of you… Actually this is the pillow that my husband would burn if i ever got my hands on one!

  19. Congratulations, Kaori chan!!! You really deserve the body pillow. And thank you for sharing the pics… I hope you win every JKS contest there in Japan, so you can share the prizes with us.^ – ^

  20. Congratulations, Kaori chan!!!
    You really deserve the body pillow. And thank you for sharing the pics… I hope you win every JKS contest there in Japan, so you can share the prizes with us.^ – ^

  21. OMG!!! congratulations, tenshi!!! soooo happy for you. you’re so lucky to be one of the 300 winners. it was really meant for you. now you can sleep with sukkie beside you! LOL!


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