“qiip” promotes their service using JKS’ wrapping buses

Credits: qiip
SK Planet’s “T store” is Korea’s first mobile application marketplace. It launched the Japanese version named “qiip” last November. Three JKS apps are sold there now. The “qiip” is now using wrapping buses to promote their service.

4 thoughts on ““qiip” promotes their service using JKS’ wrapping buses”

  1. Wow!!! Sukkie is really super famous in Japan

    So envy Japan eels can see him all around. How wish to get to see these buses around my town! !

  2. i always see these advertising buses going around when i was in Shibuya, Tokyo…i tried looking out for Suk’s bus, but never get to see…guess i am just not there at the right time; i always walked around Shibuya with my head lifted to watch the HUGE TV in Shibuya, wishing for Suk’s CF showing, but i never get to see any too………where do i draw comfort then???……… pop into a Lawson convenient store!!!! ^^

    • I first thought why the buses wrapped, how you would be able to see when you sit in there, hehehe, now I know. Thanks. @Hazy, smart choice, so you will find lots of products with Sukkie’s face.


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