6 thoughts on “YMP Fan Meeting will be broadcast live to movie theaters”

  1. wow…. Fan Meeting will be broadcast live in more than 40 movie theater. amazing!
    the power of suk!
    tenshi, how big is the capacity of movie theater in japan?
    did they ever do the same with other japanese artiste and foreign artiste?

    • I’m not sure how big it is. The capacity where I will go is about 400. I heard Sukkie’s FM was also broadcast live before, but it’s not common in Japan. Sukkie is special! 🙂

    • Way to go Tanshi and again looking forward to your FA 🙂

      Whenever you go to a Sukkie event, is a good news to us. Sorry, didn’t mean to put pressure on you, but I know you like to share with us. hehehe.

      Thanks Tenshi, I always feel I’m so unlucky that I’m not living in Japan nor Korea, but I think I’m lucky that I know this blog and also have you, Aphrael, all other wonderful eels here. That’s a bless!


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