[Pics] Product sold at “You’re my Pet” exhibition

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OMG~!! This picture definitely merits a post all by itself.
His eyes are so electrifying~! And they are …. towels!!

Let me see… if I have them, I can hang them all over my bedroom. I won’t be able to sleep just gazing into those eyes. And imagine those eyes in the bathroom!! (ok, bathroom-related comments auto-censored :p )

5 thoughts on “[Pics] Product sold at “You’re my Pet” exhibition”

  1. omo…they are towels?? i become very shy if he stared with those electrifying eyes in bathroom…
    or maybe i will often go to bath and stay longer in bathroom…

  2. Woww… can I have all of them!! Don’t think my hubby would mind me using them….(if I have them just for admiration purposes only then hubby might find its strange and become suspicious Why??) ……kekeke

  3. I’ll only use for my face hahaha^^ Oh my…. look those eyes and LIPS >_< !!! @ _@ i'm going crazyyyyyy I "hate" you Keun Suk LOL


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