[News] Lawson rolls out “Jang Keun Suk” bread

Source: Innolife
Japanese-based chain convenience store Lawson caters mainly to women consumers. From 17 Jan, all Lawson stores will roll out two kinds of bread endorsed by JKS. These 2 types of bread with mocha filling and grilled meat respectively will be packaged with JKS’ name and picture.

Besides being the image ambassador, JKS will act in 2 CFs a year.

15 thoughts on “[News] Lawson rolls out “Jang Keun Suk” bread”

  1. now there is jks bread even….. breakfast idea on my next trip to Tokyo 🙂 may end up being late for work coz taking a long time to eat the bread while admiring Sukkie 🙂

  2. there’s lawson supermarket in jakarta, but i don’t know whether Suk product available… i think mainly local product.
    aww..i wanna taste the sweet bread of suk…. >.<

  3. Even it is carb, even I watch my diet (heh, sort of), still I will jump to this bread and of course, just try to spend more time in the gym working out and thinking Uri Prince J still trying to control his weight to 120lbs with his 182cm height. Gosh!, squeeze my fat out all of me please.

  4. How i wish i am in Japan now! Really wanna try how does the bread taste like….
    I bet it will be very nice & sweet cos dear Sukkie is on the wrapper! hahaha! 🙂
    And i want the Lawson folders too!
    Oh oh! And the Lotte folders too!!!

  5. Actually I tried The ‘Rice Cake Bulgogi Bread’ yesterday. My mother bought it and gave me the half. I want to try another one, too. Today he’s coming to Japan for the promotion of YMP. He must be happy to see these products!

    • wow, how does the bread taste like?..it must have tasted delicious with the picture of keun suk’s handsome face flashing in your mind while eating them..^^ (yum!)

      • yeah,how was it tenshi?I get this feeling that eating that bread will give you the feeling of being close to Sukkie or even more so eating with Sukkie..^_^

    • Kaori-chan, I miss Sukkie so much!!!!! It’s been like a month since we hear him on any official event!!! How are we to survive till LR in March???

      • we should hear/see something these few days don’t we since he is in Japan promoting YMP 🙂

        i am sure he will be thrilled to see (and maybe eat) the breads and gummies that are selling …oh i so love the new design of the gummies!!!

    • I heard some people said the Bulgogi Breads are spicy…..aww, I love spicy food. I want to eat Sukkie’s breads too….and keep the cover bags as souvenir…kekeke


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