17 thoughts on “[PrinceJKS Youtube] LMFAO with JANGKEUNSUK”

  1. I love his english… Not bad.
    I think that with a little bit of practice and more conversation he will kill all the world with his charm… In a language all people speak!!

    Thanks 4 sharing

    • Yolis, very true.. I always find Sukkie quite amazing in his language skill.. imagine he only study English in NZ for 1 year and the standard is considered good.. also his Japanese.. he learned by himself during his teens out of passion for Japanese culture, he can converse so fluently in Japanese now even during press conference & his concert without any translator.. really amazing.. I learnt that he is learning Chinese & also improving his English.. I won’t be surprised if Sukkie can start conversing in Mandarin in near future and coming out with Chinese album!

      • Agree Yolis and QQ. Language is not something that is easily picked up, and one thing for sure, JKS really have a talent in that! It was really nice to hear him speak English here, and he was not at all intimated speaking (even though it is not his mother tongue).

        This is truly the making of a WORLD PRINCE…where he is able to converse in 3 of the top 10 languages of the world (English, Chinese, Japanese)…ohh..not forgetting he did greet us HAPPY NEW YEAR in 12 languages 🙂

    • dom…hee.. I saw this vid before & the Japanese uncle speaks like “machine gun” ^_^ (Kaori-chan, sorry as I was laughing as I’m typing this…heee)
      Actually, dom, I can’t catch what he said but by reading the article (with some Kanji I understand.. ) I think the all the news are what we knew already.. he is summarizing all the amazing achievement by Sukkie.. e.g. highest paid Korean artiste for CF, Sukkie’s recent donation to his university etc..
      May be Kaori-chan can add any new things which he said we don’t know yet? ^_^

      • @ QQeyes007, i read somewhere that this link described geun chan ever get paid 200 to 300 million yens per CF. richie suk…. sp proud to be his eel

      • Kaori-chan, actually many vids are made private or removed.. esp recently Tokyo Dome concert vids.. did you manage to view the vid with your mum? I still have a full version link and if you have not seen yet, I will email to you.. many of us are really waiting for the DVD to be released in Mar..

  2. I am so PROUD of our Sukkie, Not many Korean artiste and our JGS can speak English and can converse with others very well though it’s not his second language.

    Keun Suk, if you happen to come across this bad comments in other blogs, just ignore it. You know I am not hurt even this time. Becos’ I know they are just envy and jealous of you. I just laughed it off. And I am so glad that I am not offended. Thank God.

    Don’t you think it is sooooo funny… comments like JGS, a guru brainwashed all his members…. Bending dance like a pole dancer… hapy in his little pink bubble with all his eels…. I laughed becos he can even menioned eels as his fans……not kawaii…

    • LOL , If suukie brainwashed his eels so what?? it’s not their business. If you like him be his fan, if you don’t just ignore him .Suk give me happiness… yeah his my GURU !!!

    • I have just finished reading the 300-plus comments in another blog and I’m happy to note that they are positive comments. Keun Suk’s ability to speak English well actually impresses them. Some are even surprised that he can speak English.


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