15 thoughts on “[CF] Zegda 2012”

  1. aphrael, thanks for sharing…I show this vid to my mum just a while ago & she asked me when did Sukkie took this CF…. he looks like a 16 years old boy here! ^_^ (really make eels crazy with his chameleon images!)

  2. Aigoo!

    Can he just multiply like this in real life so we can all share him?!? *Grabbing one now!* Hahaha!

    And I agree that he looks like a highschool kid here! LOL Aaaah.. that smile that launches a thousand ship everytime!!! ^___^

    Komawo for sharing!

  3. Yeah. If only he could split himself up like that. I wonder if he wishes that sometimes just so he can do all the things he wants. Any Harry Potter fans out there? Remember how Hermione had that device in the 3rd movie that allowed her to go back in time so she could take multiple classes at the same time? Bet Sukkie wishes he had that at times so he could be shooting drama, modeling, sleeping, dating, etc all at the same time hehe


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