14 thoughts on “[Fan Account] From Chinese eel Huamop at 29 Jan Fan-Meeting 第一场《空》后记 (by Huamop @ 张根硕全球中文网)”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I truly understand your feeling when reading a Fan account! I’m touched for the love eels pass on so sincerely to Suk. My love for him grows either… Also, thanks much to Huamop and KSC. With out them ( and all awesome eels) we shouldn’t have enjoyed this moment.
    Btw, just wanna let you know. I’m your Blog’s fan yet never post till now. Keep posting. I look forward reading yours stories. Great job!! CrazyCri~

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s so true that my love for JKS also get deeper every day. Feel like he’s part of mine and his fans are my family…

    • If I’m not wrong, He’s JKS’ friend (?) called Kurt, who’s part of the Lounge H team.
      Have you seen Lounge H event pics where there are 2 DJs (one is JKS and the other, i think, is almost always Kurt?)
      Tree-J has also signed Kurt on a contract.

      • yes, you are right. He is a club DJ and JKS’ friend .
        JKS is always with kurt at All Lounge H.
        and Kurt have composed songs of Lounge H.
        At 29th Lounge H they played two songs.
        and Kurt is going to compose two more songs for Japan Lounge H.

  3. Wow! Hi!
    Thank you SO much for , first sharing from Huamop, THEY WERE VERY KIND, and TO YOU , for translation. I was impressed. And I’m impressed by JGS’s performing, which seemed to be that of a great star. HOPE IT WOULD BE THE SAME FURTHER MORE! Congratulations!

  4. That girl from Huamop did a great job and I suppose she and you are exosted now. I’ve read the article ” in one breathe”. Now rest and later may be we’ll talk again.Bye!

  5. I want to ask you something: how is it the correct WRITTING , GeunSuk or Keun Suk? I saw both variants but I don’t know which is correct, OR …BOTH? and why ther is this difference?Thank you!

    • Hi magda,

      The initial spelling that first appeared was Jang Geun Suk.

      But along the way, the spelling of the name has been officially corrected to Jang Keun Suk, with a ‘K’. (I don’t know corrected by who!) But if you look at recent Lounge H pics, even JKS spells his name with a ‘K’ on his posters etc.

      The strange thing is, you know Moon Geun Young who acted in “Mary Stayed Out All Night”?
      Their “Geun” is the same word, but MGY spells it with a ‘G’!
      My personal opinion (and no offence meant), the Koreans are actually not very fussy about ‘G’ and ‘K’ because the pronunciation is about the same to them.

      And the confusion over the name spelling / characterization happens in Chinese language too, where the word “Suk” has 2 variants (an earlier version and the currently accepted one). I think this happens when Korean artistes’ names get translated into English or Chinese 🙂

  6. Hi, today, to you!
    Thank you for your kind explanation.You’re right, I observed this too as I try to learn A LITTLE Korean and it’s very hard for a ‘romanic language’ speaker as me to make the difference between pronunciations.For instance they have “dtangshineun” for “you” that can be pronounced “d” or “t”. And the ‘romanji’ alphabet only confuse us as they have also round 2 rules of spelling. Any way I like Korean , but I thought you can give me more information as you live in Asia and have more ties with them. I’VE FINISHED WATCHING “BABY AND ME” TOO. So I can say I’m ‘a real fan’, but you see I’m used to get all the information about a subject I’m interested in a certain moment. Do you mind I ask questions in different matters? Be well?

    • you’re definitely a good researcher! u can ask me anything u like, though not being an encyclopaedia, my answers may not be right 🙂 anyway, I’ll reply faster on Facebook


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