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  1. Hi ladies! I been so busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas that I haven’t had a chance to come on this site! Lol.
    Anyways, I just want to point out that I got a little upset when I heard Kim Hyun Joong was crown Prince of Asia! Sukkie been on the scene a lot longer then he is but he got the title….*sigh*
    Just wanted to rant! Lol

    • What are their criteria for the crowning? I don’t think he has the clout, name recognition nor marketing powess of Keun Suk – certainly not in Asia for we ARE Asia and who knows better than us!!!!????

    • Chica & Staying Up Late.. Sukkie is already on the way to be “King of the world” and I’m sure he is working towards that^_^
      actually, if this popularity is based on internet voting, then we can ignore as the real popularity is the sales of those DVDs & broadcasting rights as well as endorment in many CFs etc.. the other important factor is if the popularity will stay long or forever as those who has certain talents which can test the time.. Sukkie has many skills which can test the time and the very important one is his charming personality as well as good acting & singing.. even when he is older, he can get even better (like wine..). Sharing my analysis.. I remember when I was a teen, many of the popular stars with teens then are no longer popular now for 2 simple reasons : the teens have grown up & new generation of teens have new generation of stars.. but if a star is popular with mostly adult fans, the star will stay popular forever with these fans as both the star & the fans grow closer & older together, I find that Sukkie is very blessed to have a stable fan base due to many adults fans.. I have to use “blue chip” to describe him as he has strong fundamental (due to his multi-talents , unique personality and the very special background as a child actor).. he will go a long way…

      • QQ did u recv my email? U nd to accept me as friend first on FB 🙂 I alrd sent friend rqst to u days ago…

      • Farina.. so sorry I saw it only now.. I just accepted, believe it I’m not in FB before until this year because of the voting for Sukkie! ^_^

    • Chica, I saw the news here which you mentioned about the “Prince of Asia”.. actually it is the infamous “Yahoo Buzz awards 2011” which I knew most eels are not taking part as it is useless as firstly most eels I knew are not into Yahoo (I myself don’t use Yahoo search but Google) but only for voting and this voting can allow multiple votes per IP .. and if we read the article, it is quite mis-leading as only the title of the article mentioned “Prince of Asia” but not the awards.. so again this article as certain “intention” which is very obvious which I don’t elaborate ^_^

    • Thanks QQeyes for your comforting words and wise advises. Please, can I rant!! I don’t know what are the requirements to be recognized as an artist by Korean citizens and how they voted for certain TITLES for the artists. All I know I’m not alone blind to all Sukkie’s frauxs, but HE IS CERTAINLY BETTER ACTOR than KHJ.
      I almost forget and forgive the ways that Korean people overlooked and treated Sukkie badly in the past, but this news broke my heart, feel very disappointed with them!! JKS did all he could to promotion Korean cultures and had donated soo much money to variety charities in and outside of the country. What does Sukkie have to do to gain their respects and recognitions?? What’s more he has to do?? I tried and tried to understand the way Korean people’s opinions and thoughts about Sukkie. In the end, I just don’t get it….why they do not like our Prince…. * cries….cries…cries…*

      • KaileyCA, please don’t feel sad (to fall into the trap setup by the intention of the article above with that dubious title ^_^) as I mentioned that many eels don’t vote as I notice BaiduSukbar no longer encourage eel fans to vote in this kind of award after previous experience.. the main purpose of this kind of award seem to be getting more to get into Yahoo search engine & to get more advertisement ^_^ (it is a common marketing techique used by many webstes to attract internet users to their site e.g Yahoo…) In fact, I don’t wish Sukkie to be nominated by fans for this event as it is not representative of his work & popularity.. firstly, same IP can vote many times & can vote in all sites (Taiwan/HK/Korea).. this don’t represent Asia as the users can come from anywhere…

      • Kailey.. I think its pretty significant that Sukkie has been chosen to represent South Korea in the Nuclear Safety awareness as well as recognized as a cultural icon by the Ministry of Culture. I think those examples are more significant regarding his influence than an online poll.

  2. Just to share with eels here about the vid above which I read in BaiduSukbar that this is a vid about the most popular event in Japan for 2012 (reported by Sukkiri programme) and Sukkie’s news got 2nd place, the vid is not on star popularity rating but more on popular news rating

  3. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Christians a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! And the rest, happy holidays!!! Enjoy yourselves with loved ones!!


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