17 thoughts on “[22.12.2011] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Many thanks to Meg (India) for sharing the news!!
    Terrible when I cannot access all my Chinese JKS websites … TT

    He is back! …. like I thought, forever is a long time…..

  2. So HAPPY that our Prince looks VERY HAPPY 🙂
    It’s GREAT to hear from our Prince….please CONTINUE the tweet storm and more updates in your apps….we LUV to hear from you!! 🙂

      • I think its the last day for the 70s part. And someone please correct me but filming doesn’t resume until spring? If that is true than Sukkie will have some non-drama time to work on other projects or get some much needed rest and relaxation. Hope its the rest part 🙂

  3. OMG! my heart leapt when i read the title of this post. i had to read it again to make sure i did not misread. is he back for real? this is really, really great news! and just in time for christmas! i can’t explain how happy i am to know that he’s on twitter again. i haven’t been active here or on FB lately as i am burdened by work way over my head these past few days… and this is what greets me when i check in here again. i am overjoyed, really.

    thanks, meg, for this wonderful news. and thank you aphrael for posting. it really means a lot. 🙂

    • kekekeke sis!!! no prob jus imagine my excitement wen he tweeted lol…i was juumping so much…LOL…and the timelines in twitter went crazy..not only he tweeted along with a CUTE video but he also replied lik he used to.. Everyone was shocked…LOL the poor eel who was reprimanded cos she got excited and talked to him boldly..LOL she was mortified by her spelling mistake..she misspelled shock..LOL she was asking the korean eels to convey to him that she meant shock and not schock..LOL..and she was so happy in weibo too…screen capping his tweet and blogging it…gosh i wish he could have replied me..but my msgs must have been incoherent..LOL i was keeping on typing Oppa,I love you along with lots of exclamatory mark..my keyboard suffered a lot that day LOL..and after that i tweeted around 160 that day..sukkie is my caffeine LOL!!! <3

  4. Congratulations to all the Twitter users.
    but does anyone know what happened to the Facebook site to our beloved shining prince Jang keun suk
    it has disappeared from the Internet from the date of 13 december and I can not find it
    please did anyone know what happened

  5. OMG!!! I was freaking jumpin like crazy when he tweeted!!! I was with Sis Meg.. LOL ^_^ He is so effin’ cute!!! I was hyperventilating and falling off my chair with his tweet.. knowing that he is back in Twitter!!! And I so laughed at his tweetstorm that day.. even when he tweeted in English.. LOLling at that english tweet!!! Hahaha!!!

    By the way, anyone here knows if the MNET YAB special as well as the Japan ANShow is still available or on sale in Jap? Blue eels.. anyone? Desperately seeking me!!! This is to complete my collection.. huhuhu!!!

    Thanks for this post and Happy Holidays to all! ^_^


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