2nd Shufoo! CF coming out soon

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JKS filming Shufoo! CF (un-subbed)

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Shufoo!, an electronic brochure web portal, will be broadcasting its new commercials “Lyrics Composition” and “Dance Rehearsal” parts on 23 December.

In the 2nd part, the story is set that JKS is composing the lyrics for Shufoo!’s song. While he is thinking hard about the lyrics, he occasionally relaxes or is engrossed in dance choreography.

The CF was filmed in mid-November at a hotel in Korea. According to sources, in order to achieve a realistic sense in this performance, 3 moving video-cameras were deployed simultaneously. JKS was slightly nervous initially because of the moving video-cameras, but he shook off the tension by being natural and laughing. The director acknowledged that JKS performs very well in constraint-free situations, and the performance was completed under mutual discussion as JKS consulted with the director as well as complied with the director’s requests.

In the dance choreography for Shufoo!’s song, the mobile phone rings to communicate the message that Shufoo!’s song is being composed. However, the other party on the phone does not understand the pronunciation of Shufoo!, and JKS had to repeat the pronunciation of ‘Shufoo!’ and ‘Sho・fu・woo!’ for about 150 times for the filming.

The Shufoo! portal started operating in Aug 2001, and targeted consumers are mostly women from their 20s to 50s. Around 650 companies and 68,000 shops participate in the Shufoo! portal.

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5 thoughts on “2nd Shufoo! CF coming out soon”

  1. the BTS is cuter than CF, i think the background sound is plain boring.. >.<
    all JKS's CF for japan region were all sweet, cute n adorable, tender n beautiful….omg…. i'm overdose with his cuteness..namely charlotte, nature republic, TBC, suntory.. .i hope next time they create more manly CF for him…(lawson quite manly)

    • I hope his manly CF too! And I also want to listen to his speaking in Korean or English in Japanese CF. I don’t know why but I think his LoungeH video hasn’t been on the air in Japan. I’m totally into his LoungeH, so I want many Japanese to watch and listen to his LoungeH. I’m sure he can get different fans by airing it.

      • agree with you tenshi…. Lounge-H could give different feeling to japanese eels about JKS. In lounge-h, he is not trying to be cute, yet he is very adorable and strong also full of energy there…

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