[Personal] A shopping trip that ends with JKS (not the real person, of course)

Late Sunday afternoon, I had to practically tear myself away from the computer to go on a last-ditch attempt to buy new clothes for the upcoming Chinese New Year, which I initially planned to spend hiding at home through the 4-day break over-dosing myself on my Sukkie addiction.

Unfortunately, one does not decline an invite from one’s boss to visit at her house, and on such occasions, girls will find that there is absolutely nothing suitable in the wardrobe to wear. I pride myself on being efficient at shopping – I walk into a store, usually take 1 to 2 minutes to scan the racks with my laser eyes, and I can either try something or walk out, by which time my sister is usually still plodding through the first rack (so we hate to shop with each other’s company). So with my usual efficient, whirlwind shopping manner, I had breezed through 3 shopping malls in my town and had nothing to show for it, and thus decided today to try my luck in the city.

Just when I almost despaired of finding the one top that I needed, I found what I wanted in the last shop, and still had a bit of time. Remembering that there was an article on JKS in the Jan issue of “Color” magazine, I headed for Kinokuniya and found it. I spent a few minutes agonizing over whether to buy it – reasons being that JKS was not on the cover, that I had electronic copies of all the JKS pics that were in the magazine (they were all pics we have seen before) and the article was an introduction of “Marry me Mary”. I actually had picked up the magazine and walked away, then I walked back to return the magazine, thinking that I better put that $7 towards my travel funds.

Then I looked up and saw the “Japanese Books” section a few steps away, so naturally I walked over to take a look, and the first thing I saw was …. the beautiful JKS smiling at me from the cover of Hot Chili Paper Plus 12, K-Boyfriend 2010 Summer Special. My eyes widening in happy surprise, I took down the wrapped magazine reverently and paid for it. Of course, there goes $43 out of my travel funds. You know, there are always things you cannot avoid buying 🙂 and at this rate, I wonder when I will have sufficient funds for travelling.
Now, I don’t know why I was being thick on this – I saw it on online stores but never thought that Kinokuniya has the book, otherwise I would have run out months ago to grab it.
If anyone has a JKS product in their hands and is not sorely tempted to buy it, then that person surely is not an eel. And this is the FIRST magazine/thing I have of JKS. As a fan who wants to support JKS, I am ashamed to say that I have none of his products. I watch his dramas online for free, listen to his songs without paying for it (not even buying the drama OST) and watch all his videos online too.

So when I could pre-order his 1st album, I did. But right now, what I do have in my hands, is this precious magazine with wonderful pics of him and a 86-min DVD. Buying this book has really upped my happiness 🙂 🙂
As a final aside, I also add the pics of my spoils today, just in case anyone is curious what I bought, and of course, these are nothing compared to my precious book 🙂

And to thank you for bearing with my lengthy fan-girl rambling, here’s some good news. If no other major events crop up in the next 48 hours (doesn’t the guy take a break from giving me news to post?), the next post will be a super nice account from an eel.

Auspicious red
Why two? Haha, one is never enough!

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  1. ha ha, you made me laugh so hard 😀
    i feel ashamed too of never buy anything, all stuff is internet free
    but i wanted so much to buy he’s cd, i didn’t do the pre order cause i read the site is no good, plus i live in venezuela so i need to solve some logistic issues first, but whatever it takes i’m decided to buy it just to support him!!!
    more so i want to join his official fan club, just for support, cause i know i won’t take any benefit from it (not understanding the language)

  2. I am so sad to read this article at Sunday late evening, I have to wait another weekend to go to buy, I am crazy to looking for his magazine in vein. thank you.

    • Well, in early Feb, Kinokuniya Bugis had 2 copies of the Summer Special left.
      I think there is a more recent Winter Special, but I didn’t see it anywhere. Then again, I didn’t really look 🙂

      You can also try Kino at Taka.

      Now I’ve learnt that if JKS appears in any Japanese magazine, I should check out Kinokuniya…

  3. Hehe, u r a cute funny girl!
    Same as you, I feel ashamed to announce I’m his eel when I don’t have his OFC goodies, besides in my hometown (consider countryside) it’s very hard to get any JKS stuffs, actually any Korean stuffs too,so most of the time I’m relying on the internet.
    *Gosh,thank GOD I have internet at home*hehe..
    So,if one day I have the chance to grab on JKS goodies,magazines & so on, I would be super happy like you too~
    I enjoy reading ur story! Do u hv twitter?Maybe we can be fren=)


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