13 thoughts on “[Pics] Nature Republic”

      • Oh.. I have had him in my dreams. One of the advantages of being North America.. less competition at the moment so enjoying him while he lasts. He will conquer the world soon.

      • -Ditto – as posted in FB…anyone notice the ring that JKS wore with chain around his neck…must be of some sentimental value coz found him wearing it quite often….. and ahhhh!!!…love these expressive eyes, like saying “I want you, my gorgeous lady…lets elope together to my paradise…just you and me” and start charging at me… taking hold of my hand firmly to ………ooooh!!!

  1. ok, since you all want the man in the 2nd pic, i want the man in the last pic. LOL!!! totally love him with long hair! 🙂

    • too soft for me , i’ll let him for you but i will never ever shear the man in the second pic even in the dreams . so Farina and the others go and search for some one else , he’s mine .
      didn’t we have a deal that his long legs are mine? so look at the picture , their is no moles( Farina) and no FJ (Meg)

      • Doc even i love those LONG legs..those are what made me into a Fj seeker…LOL..cos was gaping at them much…LOL

      • But Doc, we ALL know that he’s got them moles and he can’t hide his FJs however hard he tries…. so whether or not they’re evident in pictures, we can still lay claim, right Meg? Ice-cream for me?

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