[News] JKS transforms into outstanding 1970s Arts student

Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk makes a perfect transformation into a gentle Arts student with leadership quality, Seo In-ho, in the drama “Love Rain”.

In the drama, he acts the role of a 100% innocent and outstanding Arts college student in the 1970s, and also the role of a modern commercial photographer Seo Jun who has a cool exterior and a passionate personality.

The photograph of JKS being immersed in his student role and passionately sketching makes people think of a scene from an innocent comics, and the 180-degree difference from his usual lively self is eye-catching.

Said JKS, “Because the 1970s Seo In-ho is melancholic and gently, I am working hard to express this sentimental and meticulous character. The emotional lines especially in Love Rain helped much in the emotional scenes. I will put in my biggest effort to express these pure emotions.”

The director said, “In the drama, JKS has undergone a 1801-degree transformation for this delicate yet strong character. The actors exhibit their emotional side which makes the plot more interesting. Because of multi-talented actors, we can see them brimming with energy. It looks nice to see them putting in their feelings into the characters during filming.”

The innocent love of the 1970s and modern love in 2012 in the director’s beautifully filmed Love Rain will be broadcast in the first half of next year.

Source: Innolife

12 thoughts on “[News] JKS transforms into outstanding 1970s Arts student”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you so much Aphrael for the pic. God the picture are so beautiful, I almost faint. How can I continue working, I want to go home and dream.

  2. gosh!! it makes me want to pull the days to watch this drama.. i’m hoping that this will be his breakthrough to be accepted by majority of his countrymen and those people who doesn’t believe that he can act well and praying that this will get high rating from Korea and make him won best actor award..

    thanks aphrael for sharing.. i really miss him terribly in small screen..

    • migrap26, I’m sure he will perform very well in this drama as an actor and will be getting awards related to acting as the 2 roles are totally different & the images will be different too, unlike YMP, it is almost 100% close to Sukkie’s real self (playful & smart) , Love Rain’s melancholic roles are so very conflicting to his cheerful character, it is a challenge for any actor to play roles totally different & Sukkie can excel in this drama as he is a really chameleon actor with great acting skill…. and I believe the drama will be K-drama of the decade with high rating ^_^

  3. ooohhh myy gooodddd….Sukkieeeee!! I cannot concentrate on my work,its been 3 days now,,each day you appear in a different style,,but this is my favorite..Will I see you again 2morow?

  4. WOW!!
    @lianayus and @migrap, forgive me if I just wanna copy what you’ve both said, coz I’m speechless!!
    @aphrael…THANK YOU!

  5. Wow! Looking at the pic and reading the plot provided by aphrael I can feel the drama’s atmosphere! Ahh, the pic is sooooo beautiful, so innocent, so pure and a little sad!!! Nevertheless, it brings back only positive memories!…”sweet sigh” …
    can’t wait for drama to be released!!!!

  6. Keun Suk is so totally believable in any role that he portrays. The way he looked in those pictures immediately brings to mind a quiet, gentle person but with his own distinctive, individual point of view and creativity. And alway so handsome too!

  7. If the last decade, people had Winter Sonata as their all time Korean drama. LOVE RAIN is the next.
    Just seeing episode 5 (quiet Artist) than episode 6 right after (rebellious photographer) is such a dramatic change in appearance and character. is really exciting.!!
    Kinda nice, because wen we have our little teams
    Team seo In ha or *i forgot the other name*
    Won’t be painful since both of them are played by Sukkie. HAHA


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