Zegda CF Filming in Guangzhou

As Zegda’s first-generation product ambassador for a term of 2 years, JKS
is in Guangzhou on 3 and 4 Jan 2011 to film commercials. A support team
of 50 people came from Korea together with JKS to provide a slew of services
for the filming, testament to his international star status.

The filming sets, including that of a European-style small town, took 1
month to prepare at a cost of one million dollars. JKS will present different
roles in the commercials such as skateboard specialist and hip-hop dancer.
[Info from: Zegda @ Sina]

Filming was completed smoothly, and below is an account from one of the
filming staff, with credits to Baidusukbar.


When the dancers were shivering with cold standing outside, Suk invited them to get warm together in front of his electric heater. He is so nice. ^ ^

It is so cold with a light rain, but Suk behaved well and professionally, smiling sweetly. To their surprise, he danced breakin’ in his rest time. Then rode on a mop running around like a naughty child…HAHA~

In the last few shots, he turned around, took on the jumper and bound up his hair… Then danced interactively with the dancers. Firstly the dancers danced behind him, then come up to dance with him….He acted very hip-hop!! yo yo uha uha!He looks so handsome when he smiles. His smile seems a little bit evil but as bright as sunshine.

Now came the wrap. Suk nodded and said thank you with a smile and left. He is very nice, which impressed them a lot. Oh, yes, in the cf you’ll see him being dallied with the dancers. Haha…The BTS of cf filming will be posted in a few days. Let’s wait and see. Tomorrow he will fly to Thailand.
— end —-



小硕看舞者站在外面发冷,便邀请他们一起分享他的电暖炉,人真好。即使冷天并下细雨,小硕很专业,一直微笑。小硕在休息时间跳 breaking,然后坐在拖把上到处跑,很调皮。最后几个镜头,他绑了头发。舞者起初只敢在他后方跳,之后渐渐


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  1. I am trying to read the blog from the start and I must say I love the description given here about Sukkie’ smile as it is explains it perfectly – “His smile seems a little bit evil but as bright as sunshine.”
    Thank you for all the love shared in this blog? zikzin!


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