[News] List of Planned Projects for 2011

It is going to be another bountiful year for Jang Keun Suk, as he reveals his plans for 2011 on his Japanese official website, as below.

1. Album release and Showcase in March
2. “My Pet Lover” (filming in March and airing in summer)
3. Performance tour across Japan
4. Asia Tour (6 countries scheduled)
5. Drama (in midst of decision for 2nd half of 2011)
6. Preparation for JKS Smartphone application
7. 15th Anniversary DVD and photograph book

More heart-stopping (or pocket-burning) news from yesterday – to commemorate 15 years of his acting career, Jang Keun Suk will release a DVD and photograph book. The DVD will be filmed in Czech Republic and the photo-book in London. Another hot item on my must-buy list as both are sure to come with gorgeous pics of JKS, though I think it won’t come cheap.

Not so sure on the smartphone application that is being developed, though I seem to have the impression that it’s an application where JKS directly uploads his news and photos and where eels can access his information.

Project news compilation: Thanks to Lin Li on FB.


1. 3月出CD和Showcase表演
2. “宠物情人”将于3月开拍, 今年夏天上映
3. 日本全国巡回
…4. 亚洲巡回 (锁定6个国家)
6.为Smartphone 张根硕App预备中


12 thoughts on “[News] List of Planned Projects for 2011”

  1. Czech Republic??? Why??? Come to Paris dammit!!!

    I can’t hardly wait for “My pet lover” though, loved looooved the manga, JGs will fit the part perfectly.

    • I haven’t seen the manga or the Japanese movie version. Is it a really good plot? with so much expectation of this movie, I’d hate for it to end up like M3 where the plot is a huge disappointment

      • @LizzyD thanks for answer, it seemed so random before your explanation, I was wondering if there was a strong korean community there, I’ve never been there!

        @aphrael77 “Kimi wa petto” is a great manga, I’ve never seen the japanese movie/drama because I thought the lead didn’t have the charisma the main character is suppose to have, now JGS *sigh* is charisma on legs lol. I don’t know the leading lady yet (from the fan account I get it’s not decided yet), I hope she fits the part! And like you I really hope they don’t mess the story like M3!

    • forgot to say, that is a big question indeed – why Czech? maybe it’s because lots of people in Asia are not familiar with this country? Or does it have wonderful scenery or something? 🙂


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