[29 Jan 2011] News snippets from Seoul FM and LH

These are what Jang Keun Suk said during his 29 Jan events, and what we hear from people who were there.

1. JKS will be recording his new music album from 31 Jan onwards, and he sang a line from his new song.

2. JKS said that he had wanted to produce an album earlier, but generally Korean music producers tend not to give very good songs to actors, and he had actually been in touch with many music producers before to ask for their help, but it was very difficult until he met the music producer of “Marry me Mary” (M3). JKS felt that he must grab the opportunity to collaborate with this music producer.

[Me: Don’t understand which record company / music producer would want to pass up the chance to collaborate with JKS whose star power almost guarantees good album sales?]

3. JKS said that to him, the acceptable age range of a marriage partner is up to 40 years old.

4. He shared about M3 drama and also talked about Moon Geun Young (MGY). He said MGY has the same character as him. They are both not ‘obedient’ actors who will always follow what others want them to do. They are the kind of person who hopes to do things according to their own will.

5. JKS’ dog, Xiao-Chun left 2 piles of dog poo on stage. Eels tried to inform JKS but he didn’t hear it. Later when he saw it, he looked at Xiao-Chun who had a forlorn look on his face. Then, JKS pranced between the 2 piles of dog poo happily.

6. JKS said that he would not drink because he had to do Lounge H event, but in the end, he still took a few sips. “My Pet Lover” will start filming in spring, and a movie production announcement press conference is scheduled for March 2011.

Credits: baidusukbar

【SukBAR*后记】 据29日LH前线亲说,张总大概会在31号左右进录音棚录制他新专辑的歌曲。 听说,今天还现场唱了一句新曲。
【SukBAR*后记】 今天某抽说以前就想出专辑的,但是韩国音乐制作人一般不会给演员很好的曲子 所以他找过很多的音乐制作人,想让他们帮忙,但是很难。直到遇到玛丽里给他做这几首歌的制作人,他觉得一见到他就认为应该抓住他,和他合作!最后终于和这个制作人连下了手,会制作新专辑。
【SukBAR*后记】 今天某抽说了他能接受的年上结婚的对象年龄是…………….大伙猜猜是多少 …….哈哈….是39,40岁都可以接受。
【SukBAR*后记】今天,说起小纯,就想笑。 小纯今天在LH上不小心留下了两坨便便。后来鳗鱼们看见,提醒根硕,他没听见 后来等他自己看见的时候,他望着小纯,小纯一脸忧郁的样子 (想起来就觉得好笑。)后来,他干脆就在那两坨便便中间蹦来蹦去 …还开心的很…(=-=)
【SukBAR*后记】(最后一个后记了…发完睡觉觉…大家晚安安 )某抽今天说今天因为做LH,所以不喝酒。但是最后还是喝了几口酒。(你真心爱喝酒 )——-PS:大家热切盼望的电影《宠物情人》会在春天开拍。3月份左右会有个电影制作发布会。

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