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  1. I know this is old news, voting ended Sep 4 2011@ kpop polls. But I am happy to see that Sukkie’s YAB is rated no 1 over BOF and the rest. Yep, its still my fav drama.

    You’re Beautiful (43%, 1,091 Votes)
    Boys Over Flowers (40%, 1,003 Votes)
    Full House (3%, 88 Votes)
    Dream High1 (3%, 86 Votes)
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal (3%, 82 Votes)
    Princess Hours (3%, 68 Votes)
    My Name is Kim Sam Soon (1%, 36 Votes)
    Stairway to Heaven (1%, 27 Votes)
    Endless Love 1 – Autumn in my Heart (1%, 25 Votes)
    Endless Love 2 – Winter Sonata (2%, 22 Votes)
    Total Voters: 2,522
    Start Date: August 28, 2011 @ 1:00 am
    End Date: September 4, 2011 @ 1:00 am

    • lili, actually YAB is voted the most popular on internet in many instance but I guess the real popularity can be seen in this vid which I shared earlier.. it is the historical Kdrama DVD sales chart in Japan release recently. I’ve watched most of the Kdrama on the top 10 of the chart, YAB (2009 production) got into 2nd place just after Winter Sonata (2002 production) – this is all time favourite & now Sukkie is acting in LoveRain with producer/director Yoon of Winter Sonata. The other amazing feat is MMM (2010 production) made it to top 10 in a short time! This is historical chart which means it is accumulating the popularity/sales across years.. this is a meaningful chart to see how popular is YAB & MMM. Surprising many of those high rating dramas in Korea did not make it to top 10 here..

    • Director Yoon and his dramas…they’ve always been following through my life. Being honest, the first Korean actor whom i was into was Bae Yong Jun! Winter Sonata was the 2nd Kdrama i’ve watched in my life (1st was Star in My Heart(1999)) and it’s been my favorite for many years! Later on i’ve fallen in love with another actor from director Yoon’s another drama Autumn in My Heart, it’s Won Bin! WB is very humble, handsome and sensible person. This qualities were the ones that attracted me to him. But he lacks cheerfullness, energy and outgoing personality which Sukkie has! Actually both differ from each other and i don’t want to compare them. Anyway for me Sukkie is a person with unique personality, he has got the best qualities that human being can have. I just wanted to say that all my favourite actors (in the past and now) have played/playing in dir.Yoon’s dramas. Who knows maybe this is just a coincidence or maybe destiny… Director Yoon seems to be the collector of my favourites!

  2. i realised that sukkie will show a manly look when he wears grey shirt like the above pics, no matter when it covers with pink blazer, can see also when he had an interview together with logan lerman, and when he wears orange in colour, he will look fresh , cute and sexy…you can see it in MMM..

  3. as many as the photos posted here are, i still think i can’t get enough of sukkie!!! LOL! he seems to have a very different but gorgeous look (as always) in each and every photo. and each one is always much better than the last.

    he looks ravishing in all black but i just realized through these pictures that he looks as totally dashing in pink & gray. on second thought… heck, he’s extraordinarily good-looking in anything!

    • same thoughts here, browneyes!

      i love him in white – he looks so beautiful, then another day, he’d wear another colour and look very handsome in that … i haven’t seen a colour look anything else but good on him!


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