14 thoughts on “[Pics] Codes Combine Haiker”

  1. ehmm…, is it a face of 25 years old guy? how come it’s like his face in Nonstop 4 when he still in senior high? So cute yet sexy!
    Btw, I like the outfit much! And I think the concept of Codes-Combine Haiker is similar with sukkie character, cool,adventurous, but still sexy of course! Love it!
    Thanx aphrael…

      • almost same pics that have been shown in previous blog, is it? but it’s still cute, hot and sexy!@daisy,i thought you have 2 nicknames.. oic, different eels , it’s great! Welcome d ambin!

  2. i absolutely love all the pics.!!!!!! can’t decide which one is my favorite… thanks for uploading it aphrael…you’re the best!!!!

  3. gorgeous guy! absolutely dashing!!! he looks sooooo freakin’ good in anything! or shall i say, he makes anything look soooo good! 🙂


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