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  1. Omo.. how can someone be so cute and sexy at the same time. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that Wanted poster. I WANT!!

  2. The man in the picture is WANTED! So true indeed! hahaha! 🙂
    I WANT the man, but not the products though! Ooops! Hahaha! 😀

  3. like the first pics, i never thought that a ‘bad guy’ image would still fit for a cosmetics advertisement, but he pulled it off, as usual. He really can draw eyes (and potential eels and customers) with that pictures.

  4. Oh Farina, and you gals, you just made my day. I even imagined Sukkie’s next twitter if he ever comes over the comments in this blog! I think it will be something like that: To the sasaeng internet fans who think they know everything about my moles and who are always looking for my national treasure, I say laugh while you can, even if you are just dreaming about having me, there are limits for these dreams, only if I allow you to dream that you can dream, don’t cross the lines, I am scary if I get mad!
    and since you know he’s got different personalities, I think the other twitter would be:
    “To my eels who are dreaming of having me, I am always close to you, and I will tell you about the next” dreaming” fan meeting soon. sleep well and keep on dreaming! flying kisses.”

    • Omo… I love it! Sahar you are a genius. I don’t know about anyone else but I really do think that his bed would be a very warm place (based on that beautiful wake up video of course). And I really like a very warm bed.

    • Wahahahaahahhaa!!!! Sahar!! Love your analogy on Sukkie’s tweets!!
      This must be the BEST fan-made tweet i have ever come across!!
      Sahar, i bet you have made all the eels here laugh like mad today! hahaha! 😀

    • nice one Sahar *_*,,you really sounds like Sukkie..hahaha..I love the “dreaming fan meeting”…I’m sure Farina will reserve the first slot/seat in front row,hahahaha!!

      • He’s gonna give me a 1-1 special fan meet & you probably know what we’ll be busy with right? Lol

      • we will not allow that to happen @farina,,you’ll ruin Sukkies innocence,but I’m curious (is he),,you know what I mean,kekekeke..Oooopss,,need to stop from here Sukkie will scold me,ahihihi *_* sorry guy’s,,peace!!!

      • @charlotte: hahaha! now you really made me laugh..(and also wonder..although i think i know the answer)..kkk..okay, stop right here.

      • @charlotte: (wink*)..because that question also crossed my mind the moment (okay, i meant ‘a week’) after i got to know him. lol! argh. should really abstain from this wild thinking. we’ll be really scolded by keun suk for these..kkk..

      • Dear girls, for the life of me, believe it or not, I really do NOT know what u mean….. (scratching head)….there’s too many possibilities….email me yr queries ok 😉

      • OMG,,he looked pale in this photo,our Prince is sick,,feel like cyrin’ now..I hate to see him like this,,he should rest T_T

      • @ charlotte you’re right…. he’s really tired…. poor him… and now that he’s back shooting LR… hope he’ll take care of his health…

      • agree! he looks haggard. i don’t think he has fully recovered from his sickness during the arena tour. and now he has to continue shooting Love Rain, then press conferences for YMP, not to mention attend school. oh i hope, he gets well pretty soon! and i also hope it’s not anything serious… the fact that he had to go to the hospital for IV worries me. wouldn’t injection be sufficient? and he also did go to a specialist and the hospital a number of times during the arena tour. 🙁

    • that was brilliant! LOL…. there are always 2 different vers based on his mood… herbivore (angelic side) and the carnivore (devil side) of sukkie…. you got it both right! i think our suk must think about the 3rd vers…hahaha….

  5. @ FARINA , i think your husband is blessed with you by his side , your way of thinking is so free and amusing (i really trully enjoy reading your comments )that he must live an eternel honey moon enless you keep a prude image with him and let go of yourself with us in this blog .
    as for JKS , in view of my age , all i can allow to myself is sweet dreams (i think it doesn’t count as cheating ,no ?) but honnestly speaking if i where 20 ans younger i would have been in heaven with a men like him cos he’s my ideal type ,angel and devil at the same time , live must be a great adventure by his side .
    ps : SAHAR , it seems you’re becoming an expert of JKS moods

      • yes it was a compliment , by the way i just remembered something about this topic (jalousy’s husband over a star)
        it happend’s 2 years ago in my country when a turkish drama was aired .
        the women become hysterical over the leader actor ( KIVANC TATLITUG is you search in google you’ll know the reason of his fame) ,many newborns were given his arabe name but the most incroyable and silly news was the husband who divorced his beloved wife just because he heard her saying to her friend that she dreams to have him(the actor) one night in her bed .
        do you think your beloved will do the same?
        if you have the shadow of a doubt i’ll advice you to erase all traces of this blog on your computer .
        na , seeing how you are , i’m sure your husband must be as cool as you and he will certainely laught over our comments and specially yours .

      • I think it is healthy to have a little fantasy about someone or something that is unattainable. Not like anyone is calling out names at the wrong moment right? keke

      • Lol Andrea! Can’t imagine that happening! But I can’t help giggling at the imagination….

        Maya, if in any case he ever comes across this site and see my crazy comments he should know that that’s as far as it goes….just plain jokes….

      • @ farina…. just one of the ways eels get-together united by our pince…hahahah i garee with you….

  6. farina what time is it now ? in your replay it says 6:39 am
    if it’s really the case you wake up early contrary to me who sleep too late and can’t get up easilly.
    hopefully i don’t hape young children to care for

    • I woke up at 5.45am today, which is extra early. But yes I do wake up abt 6 am for morning prayers. And after that get ready for work…


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