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  1. A real prince comes home! And a treat who also rode with him in that Range Rover, Prince be the driver! Poor, Gunsama, they blurred his face. Wei? Lol.

    • i think the media is trying to be respectful by blurring out his face cos he’s not the celebrity…. but now Gun-sama is almost as famous as JKS already. even with the blurred face, we all know who he is!

  2. I’m so happy that he’s finally being welcomed enthusiastically by his own countrymen ๐Ÿ™‚ (even though he tweeted the announcement of his flight arrival himself, lol)

  3. Wow…. this is my first time seeing many Korea eels come to the Airport to welcome Sukkie home. Indeed, this is a good news. Sukkie starts to gain more love and respect from his countrymen. Love his style here. He looks sooo handsome.

    • also notice that nowadays, Sukkie has many positive news coming from his home country & it seems more are aware of their national “treasure” (I always feel that Sukkie is a unique precious gem from Korea but not fully uncovered till recently ^_^), I’m sure happy for him & also happy to see him in good mood returning home!

      • totaly agree with you QQeyes007 and it warmth my heart to see the welcoming he’s geting from his korean eels .like we said “mieux vaut tard que jamais” witch means it’s better late than never

  4. i canโ€˜t believe that he hadnโ€˜t been given due recognition in his home country as much as he had been overseas. sure i heard it mentioned in a few of his interviews iโ€˜ve seen but i thought it was some sort of joke. how can they not see a gem when itโ€˜s staring right at their faces?! as QQeyes007 said, he is a โ€œtreasureโ€œ! (uh, sorry for ranting. whew!)

    anyway… really love these pics! his smile is so infectious, it never fails to make me smile everytime i see it (even when iโ€˜m in a really bad mood). he looks so happy! iโ€˜m glad heโ€˜s now starting to given the appreciation & love he so deserves.

    • Even I’m surprised as to why JKS is not recognized in Korea as much as he is overseas. I remember in his Hawaii video, when JKS was leaving Korea, there weren’t many fans at the airport to bid him farewell. JKS was like “I’m not much in Korea. I’m more popular overseas.” Anyway I’m glad that he had ao many fans at the airport to welcome him home. He must have being really happy becuse he even shuffle danced! He deserves every bit of love from his eels for everything he’s doing to make them happy. Love you Sukkie- oppa!

  5. Oh God I miss this man yesterday,,and look what I got to start the day,,all smile JKS..I love all your comments,,our Prince finally gets the attention he deserves, and wow he is so happy!!!At last his efforts have been paid off,everyday he gets better and bigger…I’m so happy and proud of you Prince Sukkie ^_^

  6. he looks good.. arrghh! that is an understatement.. hehe
    he seems relaxed and happy! good for him.. was bothered to see his pics when it seems to to be that he is exhausted.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4WbnptFr_c&feature=youtube_gdata_player
    An hour full of Sukkie! Ohh myy he is sooo hott in all of the segments. It’s a video of his old commercials and bts. Although there isn’t subtitle,, just leaves me breathless. I think the 2nd to the last segment where he models.. Hopefully he gets his hair to be like that again for Love Rain’s 2nd generation.. Ah”! <3 But i just noticed if it contains 20 episodes it would be 10 ep per generation.. Hope the story doesn't feel rushed if that's the case but maybe i'm just over reacting since an episode is an hour long…But who doesn't want more Sukkie on the small screen. Haha

    • Gosh! Our Prince lost to the other guy????
      If i am not wrong, the other guy is labelled as ‘Pink’ and JKS is ‘Black’ and when the audience were asked to make their choices, i noticed there are more Pink than Black cards being lifted up! ๐Ÿ™
      Even the judges/hosts too! 3 Pink vs 2 Black!
      Am i interpreting this video correctly?!! Really wish there are Eng subs now! ๐Ÿ™

      • 200% agree with you charlotte!! Hehehe!
        No matter what, Sukkie is the most charming & stylist person i have ever seen! He is the BEST of the BEST! Love him so much! Hehee! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • we’re kinda biased @crayoverJKS…but based on your name,,thats explains to me,lol…btw,,I love him too !!

      • It’s okie charlotte, no worries over the wrong spelling.
        Coz i just realised i have typo error in my sentence too! hahaha!
        I meant to say ‘stylish person’ but i type ‘ stylist’… >.<''
        Yea Yea! We love our Prince! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. so happy for him too! yeah, first time to see him being greeted in korea this way. ๐Ÿ˜€ Would anyone know if her 2010 or 2011 asia tour dvd is being released with english subtitles or his budapest diary? thank you.

  9. Please excuse my ignorance, but can anyone tell me why it’s called “Budapest” diary? Isn’t Budapest like the capital of Hungary or something? Bit confused here.

  10. He looks charm in all pics above, as usual, but i didn’t get it when the engl sub in previous vid at japan interview said that he has a ‘bossy’ character, because in his country whe he arrived at the airport, he even voluntarily wanted to be a driver, or is it just a lie or tactic to win koreans heart? oh my, i don’t think it’s him ๐Ÿ™ Be happy we eels, just like he laughed happily when he told about mini skirts haha!

    • ren121, one of the reasons why many Japanese eels (or I should say many eels in general) like Sukkie is he is “bossy” (like HTK in YAB drama), a display of male chauvinism and yet inner self is gentle and cute.. his wordings by HTK in YAB is applied in real life like Sukkie said to his eels “I give you the permission to look at me only” ^_^ also, there are other phrase like “I don’t like to be touched” etc.. there is a bit of HTK in Sukkie – “bossy & arrogant” but only eels will understand him as others may misinterpret..

      • LOL.. I like arrogant men! Maybe that is why I like Sukkie so much. I don’t even care about the ego because when people bother to get to get to know him more they discover his softer and caring side like when he takes the time to speak to his fans and makes an effort to show his appreciation to the people that work with him. I don’t think people work FOR him because they way he treats people seems like he works WITH them.

      • yeah there is a misconception about prince,,do you remember one article describing him as a “strange guy”..Some of his actions are interpreted by others as bossy but that’s what he is..He can be himself anytime he wants no pretentions,,that’s what I love about him.What you see is what you get *_*..” Tough in the outside but Soft in the inside “..

  11. aah..i missed the blog so much and have to catch up with the lots and lots of updates.

    first things first: hope i’m not that late to congratulate Cri-J. Chukae! So happy and excited for you!

    i love his style in the Budapest presscon and in here, funky eh? ^^

    and the korean fans..like what you guys said, it’s very overwhelming that there are now a lot of fans (and media) waiting for his arrival..very contrary to how it was a year ago..this is literally the first time that i’ve seen such volume of fans in the airport..let alone the screaming! so happy!

      • Hi cri-J!!! Welcome back to this blog! We all miss you!
        Hope i’m not too late to wish you Congrats on your engagement!! ๐Ÿ™‚
        So happy & excited for you! You just reminded me of my own wedding few years back! I’m sure you will be the loveliest & blissful bride! Awww…. how i wish i can get to meet all the nice eels here! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Oh ya! Do remember to disclose bit by bit of our dear Sukkie to your fiancรฉ ya! hehehe! ;p

    • I really love the songs he sang in that movie. but when i downloaded OST ( time of waiting), it wasn’t sung by him. ( there was written by Jang Geun Suk, though….)

      • OMG!!! I was fooled by this song. Downloaded truly thought Sukkie sings it….. sighs. It’s still a good song though.

  12. Come home safe and sound…surprised with the ‘unusual’ crowd. He must be very happy..happy for you too,prince..
    @ cri-J gomawo for the vid, I love them both but prefer Baby and I, uuhh it’s so cute both of sukkie and baby mason. Although I read soewhere that these two movies are the least he likes among his other movie and drama, becoz of the tight schedule between those movies which made him very exhausted and barely give him time to breathe. That’s why he decided not to accept more than two projects at the same time again. ehmm, it’s quite similar with what happen now,right?


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