[28.10.2011] JKS revealed that Tree-J company in Japan will be established.

Credits: Frau International Japan

On Oct. 28, 2011 at the “Budapest Diary” press conference, JKS revealed that he was planning to establish Tree-J in Japan office until the end of this year. He’s now looking for the proper place. It’s because he wants to focus on Japanese market more.


At the same time, he confessed that he was put on a drip twice during his arena tour because of throat discomfort. And he praised himself that he had a chance to hold his fan meeting at such a huge venue like Saitama Super Arena. JKS said, “I still can’t believe my achievement. You’re so great, Keun-suk!”

And he added that the news he was expected to throw out the ceremonial first pitch but canceled because of his injured arms was a totally false report. JKS admitted that he was just asked to sing the Korean national anthem but he looked confidence of pitching.

At the last part of the conference, he showed his ideal type from his own motive. “I like the girls wearing mini-skirts. Recently I’ve told about it, so today all the attendees at my autograph session wore mini-skirts. I love it!”

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    • Farina dear! Did you mean me?! It’s just so funny how I posted before I saw this ^0^ my apologies! Been a while and I missed you all.

      so sukkie is going have his own office in Japan! Good news! Hope everything goes smoothly. Does that mean he will stop his contract with pony?

    • Yes! See how desperately I’m looking for you? I knew you visit this place more often than checking yr emails that’s why I I search for you here 🙂

      • I bow and apologize! I will never do this again. Next time I’m going to give a heads up! But you are so right! I check this place way more than anything else on the internet!
        yet I still didn’t manage to check it everyday lately. I have so many things to catch up with! And I’m looking forward for coach Farina to stat her job! I must be ready !

      • You better be… I’ll coach you via email then otherwise all these girls wl get too excited and you’ll get confused which mole to start on hehehe! I wl await yr email when u r ready n free….right now I need to hv some shut-eye 🙂 Nites all!!!

  1. Kaori-chan, Thanks for the upload & sharing… really appreciate as I know you’re so busy preparing for your Canada trip..
    I think Sukkie made a the right choice to set up Tree-J in Japan as Japan is like a 2nd home to him with many people who love him.. he sure feels at home like in Korea especially he has no language barrier. I can sense from many media reports that more have seen the charm & talents of Sukkie, including many men..
    I’m laughing at Sukkie’s comments again.. first time I hear someone praising himself but only Sukkie would do that as self motivation I guess (ok, give yourself a good pat, you sure deserve all for the hardwork ^_^)

    • hahahaha,,you are great Sukkie no doubt about that..and as for his plan,another reason for Japanese eel to celebrate,,they are so so lucky,,really lucky!!! being closer to prince is our dream!! Btw,I’m happy for this good news and good-luck to Sukkie,I wish him well,another achievement on his part ^_^

  2. The girl with mini skirt…emm I just wondering which one of the three candidates mentioned at Knee Drop Guru (BOA,Shin Hye,Geun young) is the closest from ‘Prince Sukkie Demand’? I doubt about BOA, but the other two makes me confuse, it must be one of them who made sukkie fell in love! ahh..still curious..

      • Andrea! As far as i know, BoA is a famous korean female singer, and she’s elder than Sukkie!
        Btw, i saw her account on twitter recently.

      • i kinda get teary eyes when i was watching the video…i dunno..maybe i miss this pairing.of course…whoever Sukkie is paired with..i always love them…

    • i‘ve also been wondering who among the 3 sukkie had feelings for. i think BOA is out of the question.

      he seems so close & playful to shin hye that it seems like she‘s a younger sister to him but i can be mistaken. with geun young, on the other hand, he is a bit more quiet & shy?, can‘t quite place it.

      • browneyes88, I notice also from many BTS that Sukkie is quite “shy & respectful” ^_^ with MGY but when he is with younger PSH or even recently KHN, he can joke & tease them like sisters.. have you seen this vid I shared before I shared earlier? I also laughing on the drinking part..

      • here is another fanfic with many BTS clips.. I guess the reason could be MGY has walked similar childhood actor/actress path as Sukkie & they have great rapport in terms of acting.. also MGY is another talented chameleon actress (like Sukkie) & so they sure have many things in common & to share.. like soulmate ^_^ just see how Sukkie responded in Knee Drop Guru in the vid, I’m laughing as the MCs are hinting & Sukkie said out the name instead to stop them from further probing!

      • Agree….there’s just something about his reaction & body language towards mgy that’s so mysterious but telling at the same time….

      • Thanks! Wow.. those videos are sweet but don’t understand everything of course. But yeah, they do look like they had chemistry. Maybe they weren’t at the right point for either of them to date or maybe they just wanted to be friends. Either way, I will be happy whenever he finds someone.

      • @QQeyes007 i saw that vid already but thanks girl.they seem closed though but I wonder why the other girls find MGY and Sukkie more intense..I have not watch MARY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT yet,( frustrated) that’s why I cannot judge their closeness..but regarding this BTS,i favorited it,,so I can watch it over and over again..She’s more like a sister to Sukkie,,that’s what I observed in this vid..But i am hoping that he could end up with PSH,,she’s a wonderful girl..But if he chooses MGY,,no problem with me..

    • who is the girl sukkie likes? …. like most of you I think Boa is not the one. It’s between Park shin hye and moon geun yong.
      I love both of them dearly, so my answer is not based on whom I like better with sukkie. It is based on his reaction toward the said girl.
      From seeing all BTS of both dramas + every video with sukkie and these two + every time he mentioned one of them. I felt that he truly has deep feelings for Park shin hye and she feels the same for him too.
      Some of you said it’s like a brother – sister relationship , but looking at the BTS of YAB sukkie was almost dying to kiss her. Every time they want to kiss , even when it’s supposed to be a fake one he will try to kiss her for real and she will respond with laughter and a soft hit on his shoulder. His smile is just different around this girl. Plus park shin hye is always mentioned in his birthday. In 2009 she was there in the drama BTS in 2010 sukkie surprised her with a phone call on his own birthday which she was so touched and said he’s always faster than her and that she was going to call him after. In 2011 we all saw the small birthday party pictures in the codes combine BTS photo shot and few days later we learned shin hye was there. Likewise sukkie was there in her birthday too.
      when asked about who he prefer between the two he answered moon geun yong for dating but park shin hye for marriage. He mentioned park shin hye with the word marriage at least twice. Also even when filming MMM there is a BTS where he remembered “go mi nam” while laughing about how she puked in his mouth … it was almost like he was talking to himself and laughing, the rest were not really paying him attention. More than that is his mother’s comments … for some reason knowing that sukkie only likes to live the way he wants I don’t think his mother will still pursue shin hye as a daughter in law unless she already knows that’s what sukkie wants. My last observation is how close they sit next to each other in interviews. I confirmed it more with the recent codes combine CF. when section TV went there sukkie sat so close to shin hye there was no personal space between them what so ever. Sukkie even went as far as snatching the camera and filming shin hye while saying loud and clear how beautiful she is.
      While I sense deep respect and friendship between him and moon geun yong I still can’t see the compatibility. It’s more like they understand each other but with shin hye it’s like they complete each other.

      • i totally agree with you , i’ve seen the 2 dramas and some videos on youtube( interviews,NG, ..)he looks more relaxed and warmer while acting with PSH . i’ve also watched his show “knop…” and i remember him admiting to the MC that he was in love with one of them but he unfortunately couldn’t confess to her ,and in the other show “Ideal type world cup” he choosed her among a great list of beautiful actrices and
        i think she didn’t win the last round because he didn’t want to reveal all his heart . both of them also always speak about his mother wish to get them married sooner .
        anyway i don’t know what’s will be their future and if they will be a couple but i hope they’ll get what they want .
        ps: you seems to have watched most if not all sukkies videos , do you know where i can find the BTS and making of this 2 dramas subded because the ones in youtube are incomplete and without subs .thanks

      • i hope our observations is right (finger crossed)..I’ve seen his Ideal world cup too,,he is attracted to simple girls,(suddenly I remember the faces of those lovely ladies whom he rejected)hahahaha..I have a confession to make,the reason why I could not start watching his other drama/movies is because of the BTS of the said dramas..I want to see more of him doing crazy things behind the camera,he’s more lovely and fun to watch..

        @maya..are you talking bwt the ” bed scene” where Shin Hye holds a taser stun gun,,i love that BTS..Sukkie is leaning on PSH and pulling her hair,,teasing her with a kiss…love their chemistry!! my favorite BTS was the making of “Kissing scene” did you watch that,,ahihihihi…

      • charlotte, i can’t see your first video link….
        It says “This video contains content from SBSi, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” 🙁
        Any other way to see this video?

      • Awwww! Thanks QQ dear!! Love these YAB BTS videos so much! 🙂
        Hmmm…. how come i don’t remember seeing all these BTS in my own Making of YAB dvd…. i think i must go and replay again! hahaha!
        My heart really ache at the part where poor Sukkie really fall asleep due to him being sick. I remember eels were sharing he had a flu jab right? That’s why the director allow him to really sleep through that scene. Poor sukkie….
        But on the other hand, it is so cute & fun seeing PSH teasing JKS when he was sleeping. hahaha! :p

      • crazyoverJKS, I love the BTS of Sukkie’s dramas very much as I get to know so much of the real Sukkie.. yes, when I first watch YAB on this ep which PSH falls on HTK, I was quite attracted to the sleeping HTK as I remember I was telling myself why this actor can “sleep” so well as though he is really in deep sleep… only until I saw the YAB BTS on Youtube last time that I realise he was actually sleeping while they took this scene, I was laughing then ^_^ very cute especially when playful PSH teasing him while he was asleep! LOL

  3. Dear ladies.. a short break away from mole & armpit talk as just by reading the comments, I can’t type properly, next time when I see Sukkie & BB in LoungeH performance, I’ll smile to myself again as I remember those comments in the blog ^_^
    I just notice this vid which is very interesting.. all MGY, PSH & KHN are in this clip with Sukkie.. I didn’t notice before 1 year back but past & future all in one clip.. and see who is the lady behind MGY on stage, I didn’t know her then ^_^

    • thanks@QQeyes007 ,,this vid is cool,,MGY is very young in this vid and I don’t see any attraction between her and sukkie,,maybe they get to know each other in mary stayed out all night..

      • psh-jks 1st encounter was on Non Stop 4 back when they were teenagers…mgy-jks also known each other since their teenage years… i guess this explains their friendship…how cute..thanks QQeyes007

    • really surprising QQeyes007 , it’s looks like the SF movie “la quatriemme dimension” sorry i don’t know how to write it in english .
      the 4 dimension as you know is the “time” and in this video it seems that the 3 times “past “PSH” present “MG” and the futur “KHN and the one in” love rain ” are together aroud him ,.
      from now on , i think i’ll watch his videos in datails in case of the sky will give some other hints to him.
      to come back to the women he loved , as far i can judge from the making of the two dramas( i didn’t see a lot) indeed he’s very relax with MG but with PSH he seems more real like in the bed scene, he was teasing her but at the same time i have the impression that he takes advantage of the staff aroud them to try to seduce her .
      like when she asked him :why are you acting like a fool ? he laughed looked toward the camera say some words of the script and joking asked her another time if she loves him .
      on the other hand PSH even if she seems very confortable with him , some of her reaction to his teasing (scenes: kiss, bed, shoting pics …) shows that she’s attracted to him , sometimes she provokes him ( when he’s asleep) just to get his attention , things she didn’t do with the other two actors .when they are together they makes firework exactly like in the drama .they are so loveble , they look like nursery childrens who squabble to show their love to itch other .anyway i’m sure if their fate is to be together , they will be whatever we say .
      like you i enjoy more seeing his of screen video , i feel like watching his real personality , bdw what’s the difference between a BTS and a MAKING OF cos i find both of them in youtube and the videos seems similar to me , so what’s more interesting to watch ?
      @charlotte (philippines) thanks for the links

      • another thing i’ve noticed about JKS and what makes me loves him is that he’s verry decontracted and warm when filming his scenes . most of the other great korean actors like hyun bin , goong hoo ….. keeps some distance towards the caracter they’re doing but he gives his all and more so the caracter seems more real and i’m sure this is what makes a banal drama like MMMM get popular and most important is that he win an award he deserves with simply his skill acting .
        ps : excuses me but i enjoy talking about him

  4. Right! I think we are all real eels here & whoever Sukkie end up with really doesn’t matter to us as long as he is happy with.. and can help me to fulfill his dream at 33 yrs old ^_^
    Charlotte, you should watch MMM as I thought YAB is best drama I have seen but when I watched MMM later, I never expect it to come close to YAB as so much problem with scripting.. but the superb acting of Sukkie & MGY just won me over.. there are also many beautiful memorable scenes in this drama which I think most of us cannot let go even Sukkie can let go of his role in MMM so easily.. here is one vid edited by Korean eel fan, enjoy as she conveys certain message in her vid title..

    • @QQeyes007 gomawo…I will definitely watch it,,can you give me a link where can I download the complete drama..though I haven’t seen it yet,I watched some BTS of it and I must say “my favorite look of Prince ” was in MMM,,long curly hair,,, so damn hot!!

      • charlotte, i tried looking for compleye episodes of MMM but there were none (this was 2-3 months ago) so i just watched via youtube, each episode broken down into 5 to 6 parts, but it was worth it. sukkie was really good & looked really great there! it was the first time i saw him & he was actually the reason why i watched the whole thing (and the rest, they say, is history). 🙂

        the link QQ gave above is good — both video quality & tranlations. i watched everything except ep16 through her channel. she doesn‘t have the last episode but i found a Filipino subbed version so i got to see the ending. here‘s the link to that last ep –

      • thank you girls,,I found a link where to download MMM,,but still thank you..Just like what happen when I watch YAB,,I need to sit down the whole day to watch it if my friend is done downloading it and take note,,with no interruption,,hahahaha…Next project would be BV and his other dramas/movies,,so excited to watch it but for now I had to be contented with BTS co’z I need to wait for a little while downloading those stuffs..

        @browneyes88,,thanks for the effort girl,,I’m hoping that ABS will air “LOVE RAIN” in the near future and bring Sukkie to the Philippines..

      • @charlotte, can you share the link where you got the full episodes of MMM? it would be great to have the full episodes so i can watch again anytime. thanks, girl!

  5. now the popular BTS is the making of the kissing scene at the alley for MMM.. I think in the BTS DVD of MMM, Sukkie talked about this kissing scene in the interview but I don’t understand as it is in Japanese ^_^ Also, surprising many fans are comparing the kissing scenes for YAB & MMM but I feel the roles are different, HTK is sort of “Bossy” and Muygul is “cool” (with the playboy stigma attached to him until he met Mary whom he starts to think of settling down).. just watch & don’t argue over the kissing scenes ok! ^_^

      • You’re right.. not fair to compare kiss scenes from 2 different shows because situations are different. Kissing scenes in Korean dramas aren’t very demonstrative in the first place especially the ones targetting younger people. Regardless, they aren’t real kisses just acting.

      • thanks for the links, QQeyes007! it really is much more fun watching sukkie the BTS of his dramas because you get a glimpse of the real him.

        i agree andrea, most if not all kissing scenes in korean dramas are not demonstrative. i remember sukkie saying in some interviews that kissing scenes in dramas are just lips touching and there‘s really no “emotional component“ to it. that‘s why he says that the kiss in YMP is his first real kiss in front of a camera in all of his 20 years in the biz. and i love the way he teases KHN about it, makes her blush.

      • Have u guys seen IRIS? Lee Byung Hyun practically ‘ravaged’ Kim Tae Hee’s mouth and seemed like he would suck the tongue out of her! I’ve not seen that many Korean dramas as compared to others but yes I agree, generally these dramas stop short on their kissing scenes. I particularly did not like the way HTK kissed GMN, and even Sukkie didn’t like it. I can’t see why the directors/producers did not allow a little bit more intimacy there. I don’t think the show would suffer any, infact it would further enhance it.

      • I haven’t seen Iris but currently watching a drama called Thousands Day Promise where the level of intimacy is pretty high and the kisses have a wow factor if you can handle the depressing storyline but I like to cry. Dramas to me are just like the really hot soup I see them eating in dramas to have an excuse to cry. LoL

      • Lol Charlotte that is the famous “Game Over” kiss. Yeah that is a pretty good kiss. It was one of the highlights of that drama. The site I use calls the drama Personal Preferences.

      • LOL! yeah, i saw “perfect match“ (personal taste) and LMH‘s kissing scenes there were kinda intense – both the game over kiss & the bed scene.

  6. hahaa.. why here comments as to compare between PSH-MGY-KHN? all three of them ever used a mini skirt :P.
    come on don’t discuss such things seemed to be like are couple shipper.. just focus with Sukkie, and whatever choice the woman he later.. that’s became his personal privacy.. be a good eels, will received who his choice.. ^^

  7. Farina (sing) is this that Unnie I’ve met in sing FM? Well what I can comment for the Budapest is maybe all of you have to see the full movie 🙂 it will guide us to see th real n truth story 🙂

    • Allo dongsaeng!! So happy to see you here :)) How are you dear? Sorry I haven’t been in Tweetland for ages but I do go there once a while to read up 🙂 So you cmg to SG or not? call me if you’re here ok!

      Ive a feeling the BD wl hv eng subs… I’ll just wait a little longer 🙂 Hope to see you more often here ok! Hugs to you & the rest… Muahhhhh!!!


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