13 thoughts on “Korean magazine “movieweek” pics”

  1. Kaori-chan, thanks for the post.. I like his current image (of LoveRain), it is another new look though he looks very teenage, it really shows the chameleon look of Sukkie, really no actor I have seen so far can take on so many different hairstyles.. he is rare indeed for modeling as well.
    Btw, how’s your preparation for your trip?

  2. O really, another lucky country there!

    On another note, i like his image in the first pic. Mysterious and innocent in one.

    God bless also to kaori-chan! I know the memory of the upcoming arena tour this 25/26 will be a very good souvenir for your trip. Still, hope that you keep us posted even when you’re in Canada. P.S. Spread the jks virus there also. Kkk..

  3. thanks for the posts .he really looks like a teenager in the 1 and 2 ones , .
    every time he changes his loock ( hair style , outfit, make up ) he loocks different
    he’s the perfect cameleon ,and with this ability he delighted us in every representation he make (live or not) .that’s why i hope to see more and more of his works

  4. his face looks so thin here … plump yourself up sukki .. you’re getting skinny .. nevertheless, i still ♥ you … stay healthy and rest when you can


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